How To Create A Home YouTube Studio On A Budget 

You can get paid to advertise certain products on your YouTube videos or even get sponsored for the video. However, if you’re interested in becoming a professional YouTuber you’ll need to step things up a bit from iPhone recording alone.

If you are on a budget you may feel that this kind of arrangement is going to be too costly. The good news is that actually, you can create a pretty awesome recording studio setup for a reasonable amount of cash.

What You’ll Need

For your basic YouTube studio you’ll need a number of different items to use along with a computer that is able to handle video editing. If you have been using a tablet or computer with low processing power so far, you may need to think about upgrading to make the most of your new studio setup. In fact, it could be the first thing you need to invest in before any studio equipment.

Assuming you have a good laptop or computer in place for editing, you’ll need the following for your studio:

  • A background/ set
  • Audio software
  • Video editing software
  • A camera
  • A microphone
  • A tripod
  • Adequate lighting

Quick Tips On The Different Elements Of Your Budget Youtube Studio

Here’s a quick look at the different elements of a home recording studio and how to select the right product:


As you are upgrading from a phone camera, the next step up is a DSLR camera or, if possible, more than one. This enables you to swap and change lenses, and if using more than one, you can add different recording angles to your videos.

You can usually get a good deal on second hand cameras including mirrorless options which are often more light and compact.

The only time this isn’t relevant is with game streaming, where a good webcam is often enough to capture the visual footage.


As long as a tripod is sturdy and easy to use, there’s no need to splash out a lot of cash on anything flashy. The only area to be particular is with the soundness of the tripod mount, which should be 100%, otherwise you run the risk of your camera being dropped.

It also needs to be compatible with the mount on your chosen camera. You may also want to pay attention to how light the tripod is if you intend to do some filming outside of your home, as a clunky tripod can be cumbersome if used in that way.


You’ll need to set up a clean background for your videos, which you could do for free. There are some great ideas in this handy Youtube video.


If you intend to record a professional English voice over for your video, or simply want to record yourself speaking on the video, you need to avoid built-in microphones.

Instead, to get the best quality in your video sound you’ll want to use a high-quality microphone that works with your computer hardware and software.

Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest deal, or the one with all the bells and whistles. For this purpose you just need something that records good sound quality as a priority.

Video & Audio Software

There are many different editing tools available for budding Youtubers, some of which cost nothing at all. The only thing you have to be sure of is that it enables you to upload to YouTube, otherwise, it just has to be a programme that works for you at this time.

With audio software, there are many different options to try, some of which have a cost, and some of which are free. A lot of people starting out recommend Audacity, which is a free editor that works with multiple platforms.


Lots of natural lighting is ideal for a YouTube video, however, on dark days or in the evening you’ll need more.

Unfortunately, this could be the most expensive aspect of your studio setup because lighting equipment isn’t cheap. Ring lights, soft boxes, reflectors, beauty dishes and light stands are expensive but they will last you a long time and improve your videos massively. Plus, if you save money on other aspects of your video production you should have some budget to splash on this part of your setup.

What Will You Add To Your At Home YouTube Studio First?

It is possible to setup a YouTube studio at home for a minimal cost, as long as you’re willing to put some time into your research. The result is hopefully a pretty great beginner YouTube studio and the potential for much better content on your channel.

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