How to Add Your Music to Instagram Reels & Go Viral

How to Create Viral Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are an incredible method for advancing your work and creating social media buzz. But how might you make an Instagram reel that goes viral?

As Instagram’s equivalent to TikTok, Reels are one of the newest and most popular tools accessible to all Instagram users and content providers. In an age where video marketing is critical, Reels allows bands to become viral on Instagram. All the while, they are increasing their exposure and transforming virtual followers into real-world listeners and admirers. Many artists have achieved the most viewed reel on Instagram with the help of trending songs on Instagram reels.

How to use Instagram Reels to advertise your music?

As is the case with each new feature introduced by Instagram, Reels are aggressively consuming more and more of the app’s overall viewing landscape and ‘Discover’ page. This boils down to (you guessed it) the algorithm (shudder). After all, Instagram is responsible for its own in-app marketing – which means that for the foreseeable future, or at least until a newer or larger development comes along, Reels will undoubtedly stay at the forefront of the app’s most promoted content. If you are a beginner, you can also learn ideas of reels from top Instagram music influencers such as how to add reels to your profile grid etc.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Reels?

One of the finest features of Reels is their inherent viral potential. They’re constructed in such a manner that they spread across the population and get taken up by a variety of audiences and virtual communities. While Instagram will first display your Reel to a limited number of people (often just your followers), as people begin to respond to it, Instagram will show it to an even larger number of people, and it will continue to expand and develop.

How can I add my music to Instagram Reels?

If you’ve previously uploaded music to Instagram, it should be accessible for you to pick and utilize via Instagram’s music library. From here, you’ll be able to add your music to a Reel automatically.

  1. Launch Instagram’s camera application.
  2. Choose ‘Trending Reels on Instagram’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the musical notes symbol from the drop-down menu.
  4. Search and include your music in the Reel.
How can I add my music to Instagram Reels

How to Viral reels on Instagram: Tips and Tricks

1. Set a cover or thumbnail picture

Every time you share a Reel, Instagram allows you to choose a thumbnail picture to serve as the video’s cover image. This is the picture that will display on your profile in the ‘Reels’ section (as well as on your main feed), as described above.

2. Customize your image using filters, text, and stickers

As with TikTok, Instagram allows users to add text and subtitles to their Reel videos. However, unlike TikTok, Instagram users may stop or mute their music throughout the whole app, which means captions are critical.

Perhaps you’ll use the text to create a sticker that reads ‘Turn Volume Up’ or ‘Turn Sound On’. Alternatively, experiment with an augmented reality filter to alter the graphics.

Customize your image using filters text and stickers

3. Use Instagram Reels Hashtags

Music hashtags are very important for every artist who is showing their talent on social media platforms. It helps artists to promote their work.

When it comes to ensuring that your Reels are discovered by Instagram’s algorithm (shudder x2), hashtags are key. Hashtags for Instagram reels video may be used in your Reel’s caption However, if you like to include more characters than the character limit allows, you may do so in a new remark below the Reel.

4. Dive into the archives

Not all of the content you include on your Reels should be fresh new material – you can reuse video and content from past Stories, social media posts, or music recordings!

Feel free to filter through your archives and pull some content from various platforms of your imaginative excursion and innovative timepoints.

5. Make Engaging Content

The Reels that do the best on Instagram are the ones that favor fun and engaging content. So, while you’re making yours, truly ensure it falls into both of these classifications.

Here are 7 thoughts of some of the ways you could infuse a touch greater inventiveness into your Reels:

  • Record a small performance
  • Follow trending songs on Instagram reels and make dance videos
  • Include a ‘Call to Action;’ for example, ‘Go to the bio to pay attention to the full song!’ or feature a link to your Spotify profile.
  • Creative editing cuts as opposed to a single shot sequence
  • Work with a music influencer to record a Reel for yourself and add your tune to their video
  • Offer a sneak preview of an unreleased song
  • Create a challenge that’s inspired by the lyrics of your track
Make Engaging Content

6. Post your Content at the Right Time

Picking when to post a Reel is a lot dependent on 2 things – your audience and your own timetable.

In terms of your target audience, first, you will have to figure out what they need or anticipate from you as far as the regular content. You can generally find this out through experimentation, or at least, posting at various time periods day or week, and seeing what generates the most engagement.


Now you have the complete list on Instagram Reels, now is the ideal time to get online and begin making some viral content for your music. Have a good time!

We hope now you know how to make viral reels on Instagram. If we missed anything, do let us know in the comment section below. You can also pick the best platform to upload your music for yourself. If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about the differences between lyricists and songwriters.

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