Get more web traffic by guest blogging for artists

Musicians and Artists often have a question about how to get more traffic to their music websites. Guest blogging is a way to attract more traffic to your website. Guest blogging can be highly effective way, no matter which profession and area you belong to will help attract traffic to your website. By writing a blog post of your work for other bloggers, you become a helping aid in solving problems with some extra content to publish then you receive in front of your audience.  

Get more web traffic by guest blogging for artists

If you write well and as per SEO, you can end up with a bunch of new potentially interested people visiting your website. First of all, you have to ensure that you have developed your own blog of your music art which will attract music admirers to your website which will share the word further with others during guest posts for artists.  

In addition to that, a well-placed guest post with links back to your music website can help your search engine rankings quite a lot.  

There’s a huge difference between knowing guest blogging and being able to implement guest blog posting as part of your digital strategy. 

Whether you are interested in a future career in the music industry or looking for playing tips and advice on music, or want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the music scene. It is worth following at least one music channel which revolves around music industry buzz to get an idea of how guest post for artist is done.  It shouldn’t be thousands, but at least relevant that you should be choosing any available site while you search for what is guest posting and SEO Guide for musicians?     

Here is a beginner’s guide to guest blogging and reverse engineering for your website SEO strategy:  

We’ve got you basic tips and names of blogging sites in no particular order, which are all worth looking at and follow regularly, basis your interests in various genres in music lay-  

1. Ditto Music Blog 

Aimed to cater aspiring musicians of all ages and who levels the content cover related topics, including tips on promoting and marketing yourself and od guest post for artist.  

2. Hypebot  

Hypebot covers music biz news, new technology in music and much more. It is aimed at both independent musicians and record labels. You may go and check out the blogs of your kind and interest and which helps you to curate guest post for artists. Get some ideas of your genre and enhance your knowledge about the subject with the guest blog posts on the website.   

3. Soundchime 

This is the music blog to bookmark and visit regularly for all the information you need on instruments. Right from choosing the best one to comparing different models, that’s how you get started with each category in your space. If you’re a beginner to playing music then you should visit sound chime. As their tagline says, “I help You Become a Better Musician!” and “I’m bringing you the latest in music equipment and new cool stuff from the music world!” This website is definitely going to help you if you are a music lover and admirer.  

4. Ledgernote 

A good choice for beginner musicians with an interest in not just making music but also in the recording/mixing side of the business. They are recently scoured scholarly journals, collegiate records on the data collected from self-reported social media profiles to perform a meta-analysis from various angles and musicians in the row. Check out their official website and know more about the process of guest post for artist.   

5. Livemusic blog 

Livemusic blog is jammed with current music news, video editing app reviews and is a great blog site to publish your music content and bring the news to the world. Visit the site and get your music news published on it and flaunt it in the music community.  

6. Music Enthusiast 

This music blog has content which covers pretty much all music genres in any form say, main content or guest post article or ghost writing. It is a must for any musician or enthusiast to peep not only into the pop music scene, and guest post for artist but many for that matter.  

7. Pitchfork 

A globally popular blog site that has helped new content daily, inclusive of music-making app reviews, videos, events, and music by independent artists as well. Get in-depth information on new releases or artists in this blog site and enhance your knowledge of latest happenings in the music space.  

With a lot of technological inventions, creating music has become so easy and convenient for those who really want to do it. If music blogs and playlists are easier to create, the internet has witnessed a flood of numerous pitching opportunities for music artists and promoters. So, the question that arises here is – to pitch your music to blogs. You reach out to industry expert writers who are the best in the industry and who will actually yield results with their publication. 

8. The Unsigned Guide 

A large part of their readership is made up of bands looking to get known in the music world. All the blogs serve them with lots of music tips. Most of the content is free to read but for premium content and guest post article, you need to subscribe to the blog to get access to juicy content that is a value add to readers.  

9. Kings of A&R 

A longtime supporter and promoter of emerging talent, the audience is a mix of would-be music stars and huge music fans who are in search of the latest buzz of the music industry. There is plenty of spicy and jazzy content posted there to keep the interest ignited in the guest posts for artist is available on the website.  

10. Bob Baker’s The Buzz Factor 

Bob Baker has been a known name in the music industry and been an established musician, writer, music magazine editor. His pedigree in the world is well established. He shares music tips, information, music advice, budding artist’s information that will appeal to the audience with his guest posts for artists.    

In the near future, we will be watching a new powerful VST Synthesizer on the market and it won’t be groundbreaking news in the upcoming days. It is quite possible because probably also because we live in a age where new Synthesizer plugins keep on coming to the market regularly, almost every day. Now the question arises here how do you want to convince people of your new virtual instrument in such a time? And the answer is, either with a great range of sound quality and features, probably with a unique concept, which is available at extremely low prices and with a lot of marketing buzz around the launch.  Genesis pro plugin is one of the best music blog plugins that helps in making bespoke music websites.  

Whatever interest in the specific music industry is we think you have which is worth taking. Explore the above mentioned blog sites and discover which appeals most to your interests, learning and your personal taste with the tips they stuff on how to submit a guest blog post on their sites.  

Go to the website, subscribe the channel and get informative supply of reading material delivered straight to your inbox, regularly.   

Whatever your particular interest in the music industry is we think it’s worth taking a look at these blogs and discovering which appeals most to your interests and personal taste.  Then it’s only a matter of subscribing or updates and enjoying a regular and informative supply of reading material delivered to your inbox, which you can check out at your leisure. 

Now the question comes how to do guest blogging or how to approach guest blogging?  

Maybe you have a mental list of “reach” sites you’d love to guest blog for, but you don’t know how to make it happen. Or maybe you’re just not sure which websites are worth your time for writing. That’s why we have this guest post site list for some of the best guest posting and blogging sites for marketers. There are hundreds of sites that you could target, but I’ve only included some of the best ones here. 

It’s not a no-brainer getting published on these sites by any means. It takes a lot of work and determination. But if you are producing great work and approaching the right sites with it, you should have a great chance. You can also become a writer and guest author for GrooveNexus. In a quest to how to ask someone for guest blog, please reach us via our Write For US page. 

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