18 Tips to Get More Streams & Followers on Spotify



Spotify is quite possibly the most well-known Digital Streaming Platforms with a quickly developing number of clients; as a craftsman, it has turned into an incredible stage to propel everybody’s music profession. Spotify offers numerous valuable open doors to music specialists to help their fanbase, advance their music, get more openness, and arrive at a great many audience members on the stage.

It’s enticing to think often a ton about playlist pitching and streaming numbers, not such a huge amount about adherents. Yet, measurably speaking, Spotify streams are astounding, with Spotify supporters being an undeniably more basic measurement for genuine world payouts. To consider accomplishment to be a craftsman nowadays, it’s fundamental to have a Spotify-explicit methodology for getting your music heard. The following are 18 hints on the most proficient method to get adherents on Spotify.

We have made a rundown of a couple of brilliant tips to kick you off with your Spotify account.

18 awesome tips how to get more streams and followers on Spotify

1. Submit your music to playlist curators

Yes, they will not respond; they will see your submission. Out of thousands of releases to review every day, you must stand out. Are you not featured in MINT on day one? No worries, stay focused; the best way to catch their attention remains: Curator Playlists.

Today, a sufficient amount of famous curator playlists can break an artist or a song. It’s one of the keys of how to promote your music and have a stronger presence. You should mail your track to Spotify curators like Austin Krammer (global head of Spotify) Nehru jackets (Spotify India playlist curator). Also, many curators like these own their Spotify playlist. This will help you to get more streams and recognition.

2. Don’t Buy Followers

All things considered, before we get into how to get more supporters on Spotify and how you should treat them, let’s talk regarding what we ought not do. Anything that you do, don’t pay for Spotify playlist or devotees. It’s a frantic endeavor to expand the numbers on your profile unnaturally, which doesn’t help anybody.

To raise the possibilities of your music showing up on algorithmic Spotify playlists like Discover month-to-month Playlist, Release Radar, from there, the sky is the limit, acquiring supporters is a positive sign for Spotify that they should see you. It’s a type of commitment that algorithmically upgrades and elevates your music to more individuals on Spotify.

3. Create your playlist

How to get more music streams? The least difficult method for getting more streams and gain supporters is to fabricate your playlists. Be dynamic, inventive, and deal with your playlists around your deliveries. Above all, it permits you to exchange your tracks with different caretakers, share your music and increment your quality: it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

4. Release Music More Consistently

Spotify just has one objective to keep audience members on Spotify, and this will likewise assist you with expanding your Spotify adherents.

As an artist, the more fans and clients you have on Spotify, consume content, stream melodies, and jump into new deliveries, the more Spotify will compensate you. Spotify tracks everything. Spotify drops tunes, client practices, adds playlists, follows as a component of the calculation, and the possibilities are endless from there. So how might we take advantage of it since we realize a calculation exists? Groups and artists attempting to acquire Spotify adherents should make great music. Yet, the procedure for 2022 and past is to zero in on making something that would merit observing over and over.

5. Build your artist Brand image

Having a solid artist “Brand” image is essential, on Spotify but especially on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s a showcase for your music and an effective way to build your identity. You are also getting verified on Spotify as an Artist and presenting your graphic charter/press pics for a slick-looking profile. This will make you more professional as an artist.

6. Contact Music Blogs

You might also want to reach out to new audiences and convert them into fans. Music blogs are the best way to do that; if your music is covered on a blog, it is guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre. On SubmitHub, for example, prepare a good promo package with a press release, press shots, your bio, and your song.

7. Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Getting on a Spotify playlist is an art in itself, and the rabbit hole is so deep. It will be a matter of your music career, and you gain Spotify followers. If you can get your new songs and releases on major, there would be a case for the A game for numbers.

To be considered a playlist, you can submit your track to Spotify 4 weeks before its release. For the best chance of getting into a popular playlist, you’ll first need to build a foundation on your profile and your broader music marketing.

8. Pitch Your Music to Spotify Playlist Curators

Arranged and persuasive playlists are those made by individuals outside Spotify. These are generally individuals or associations with web-based media powerhouses, bloggers, radio broadcasts, site proprietors, or fans. Taking advantage of the playlist guardian’s crowd and tracking down new audience members, fans, and devotees in your specialty is the manner by which you can rapidly develop your streaming numbers and adherents.

When you submit your music to a Spotify playlist curator, make sure you’re contacting the right people and personalizing your outreach message. It should be the right style and more. You can also easily get playlisted on Spotify and maximize your playlist.

9. Support artists and their work

Sharing is helping, so don’t hesitate to support and share other artists’ tracks/playlists: Let them know. Also, the following artists you like are the other way to help your fans discover the music you’re into.

10. Promote to Labels

Today, Record Labels often have playlists on Spotify. Contact them with their submission link, on socials or by email. On top of that, they can be interested in signing your following tracks, and it’s an excellent way to build up a relationship with them.

11. Use Emails

Your email list is a potent tool to promote your music to a targeted audience. Progressively, your mailing list will grow, and you can build a strategy around it, offering something exclusive (a Spotify pre-save, an alternate version of a song, or an anticipated announcement, for example).

12. Share your Spotify links… everywhere!

Create a website or If you have one, take the opportunity to get more streams on your track: add embed players links on-site, add follow” buttons, QR Codes (Spotify Codes) on your website. And this is how you get more streams on your Spotify.

13. Ask Fans, Friends, and Family to Become Spotify Followers

Sometimes we may consider all this Spotify promotional material to get more followers and streams on Spotify. It’s not the most sophisticated promotion strategy, but simply asking friends, family, and your fans is a straightforward way to share your music with real people. This is one of the best and most natural ways to increase Spotify followers to your playlist’s latest releases and increase followers in real life.

When aiming for growth on Spotify, it’s essential that you set an example by leading your audience to where they should be. This means they need to be clear about where they need to go and what they need to do. Just ask those people to do you a favor and leave them to follow you on Spotify!

14. Ask your distributor for help

Often forgotten, if you run a Record Label asking your distribution is always a good thing. The more involved they will be, the better the chance to see results, no matter the Streaming Platform. Among the vast number of releases one distribution company delivers in a day; they’re very often consulted by Spotify on relevant ones to feature. This is one of the critical assets to raise when picking a digital distributor.

15. Make Your Artwork Pop

Secret art on Spotify plays a huge role in distinguishing between genres for users. Like YouTube thumbnails, artwork can influence a split-second decision whether to attach or not. Whether it’s for your album artwork, solo artwork, or playlist cover art, you need to create something that encourages listeners to dive in.

For creating great artwork in the correct dimensions, Canva is great for freebies. Music genres usually have their own visual aesthetic, so look at your favorite artists or album covers for inspiration. Various sites are offering free images relevant to your music playlist as well. This is a great way to enhance streams on Spotify and crackdown on the visual aspect of Spotify promotion.

16. Use Keywords to Help Listeners Find Your Playlist

Using your playlist title, description, and artwork cleverly can increase your chances of starting your playlist. For example, searching the phrase ‘workout’ in the Spotify search bar brings up a massive list of popular playlists for users to enjoy. Some of these workout-specific playlists are made by Spotify itself. Others by users and curators. The algorithm that pushes these playlists to the top of search works in their favor, as is Spotify’s SEO (search engine optimization).

See how this EDM workout playlist combines related phrases like ‘gym songs,’ ‘gym music,’ ‘gain,’ ‘pump,’ ‘muscle,’ plus a great title and thumbnail for reference, so users knowable what to do. The algorithm tracks listeners’ data and behavioral habits to determine which playlist deserves more love, as well as keywords and data that the playlist creator has given to Spotify. What is the plan? What is the playlist about?

“EDM Workout Playlist Spot SEO,” Practice this format with your playlist containing one or two songs. This way, your playlist can become an absolute monster, thus generating more followers on Spotify for you.

17. Promote your Spotify

Promote Your Spotify When You Perform Live If you’re a band or artist who regularly puts on live music, you should shout about the important things during these events. A setlist shouldn’t just contain a list of the songs you want to play. It should also include spaces for important messages such as your social media push, your latest single release, the merchandise you want to sell, and of course, your Spotify so these engaged fans can see you and play your Spotify. Can you be a part of the community!

18. Be patient!

Don’t worry; success isn’t easy and can’t be achieved overnight. It’s important to stay active, release great music, and engage with your audience. The rest will come naturally!


In the end, it’s essential to use Spotify as a way to advance your artistry and capture people’s attention. And you and I both know that your music is dope and worth noting.

With these 18 tips in your music marketing arsenal, you are getting more streams on your release; it isn’t that hard. The best approach is to employ a combination of all these four techniques for the best effect.

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