What is Vocoder? Top 16 best Vocoder VST/AU Plugins of 2023 (Free & Paid)


The word” vocoder” is derived from words like Voice and encoder. In vocal processing, you can use different effects as any kind of vocoder VST plugin. Put a vocoder plugin in a device used to synthesize the human voice and make vocals sound inhuman and robotic.

A vocoder is an audio processor that grabs specific elements of an audio signal and then uses this characteristic signal to influence different audio signals. The technology behind the vocoder effect was initially used to synthesize speech. The effect, called vocoding, can be identified on the record as a “talking synthesizer,” popularized by artists such as Stevie Wonder. The essential component extracted during vocoder analysis is called formant. Formant describes the fundamental frequency of sound and the noise components associated with it.

Below are some Paid collections of software that an artist should use as vocoders.

1. EVOC 20 PS by Apple

Price: $199 – included with vocoder Logic Pro X

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

evoc by apple

This polyphonic synth and vocal harmonizer plugin come with Logic Pro’s excellent suite of virtual musical instruments. This is the best vocal harmonizer plugin.

The interface of the vocoder plugin is easy and in a well-organized manner — once the three modes (Analysis, Synth, Vocoder) are understood, and the Side Chain input is set up, you will start getting an immediate response. The Synth section (Carrier signal) can blend FM modulated waveforms or two primary waveforms.

Built-in modulation, onboard effects, noise generation, and an excellent Freezing function (which freezes the current vocoded sound to be used as a straight-ahead synth voice) are amazing features. Voiced and Unvoiced detection is also available for increased intelligibility if desired.

2. Vocal Synth 2 From iZotope

Price: $199 / Rs. 15,000 Approx.

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

vocal synth izotope

This is the best vocal synth vst vocoder plugin by iZotope vocoder software and sounds fantastic at first use. It is amazing and addictive; there are three main modes in Vocal synth

AUTO: It is used to generate sound. Insert it on an audio track and press play on it.

MIDI: Using this, you can control the harmonies generated with a MIDI controller.

SIDECHAIN: In this, you can run another synth, guitar, or other sound source by using Vocal Synth modules.

3. MVocoder by Melda Production

Price: $57

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)


The MVocoder is a fantastic audio real-time vocoder plugin vice that comes with a tremendous 102-page manual and allows for the manipulation/modulation of every conceivable parameter. The MVocoder is used for vocoding in great depth with robust control and programmability at every point. Four Modulator sections contain morphable shapes, envelopes, followers, and more. The Band matrix and Band graph sections make it perfect software.

4. Vocalizer Pro by Sonivox

Price: $199 / INR 15000 (approx.)

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

vocalizer pro

The Vocalizer Pro has a powerful vocal harmonizer plugin, fantastic user interface, and direct access to 4 identical spectral synthesis modules with customized routing capability options. The modules include synthesis methods, envelopes, multimode filters, and LFOs. Once you understand all the modules and the effect of the different synthesis methods, you are ready to roll.

5. Lector Vocoder by Waldorf

Price: $179 / 13,376 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

lector vocoder

The Lector vocoder plugin is a single-window powerful interface that includes four main parts:

Input Carrier signal manages and controls with Unvoiced direct detection for intelligibility,

Synthesizer (2 oscillators, filter, and amplifier sections),

Vocoder filter bank with modulation and analysis controls,

An onboard Effects section includes chorus, delay, reverb, and overdrive.

The Waldorf sound engine is well-known and provides a robust foundation for Vocoding in plugins.

6.Orange Vocoder IV by Zynaptiq

Price: $189 / 14,123 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

orange vocoder

The Orange best vocoder plugin IV will be the latest release by Zynaptiq, but it is not released yet.

It features two sound sources, which can be samples or waveforms, two modulators set to an envelope or dedicated pitch modulation, LFO, ring modulation, onboard reverb, graphic EQ, filter, mixer section, unvoiced detection, and a freeze button.

7. Vocodex by Image-Line

Price: $99/ 7331.74 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

Vocodex by Image Line

One important thing to note is that Vocodex works in almost any DAW in Windows, although if you want to use it with a Mac computer, you’ll only be able to through FL Studio.

We believe that Vocodex is a perfect plugin for beginners because of how simple and easy the interface is.

It also has voice doubling and reverb capabilities and up to 100 filter bands that are individually controlled, giving you options to create exact sounds. It’s a lot more essential than Vocal Synth 2, but it’s better for beginners.

8. Morphoder by Waves Audio

Price: $29/ 2147.68 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

Morphoder by Waves Audio

Not only is this vocoder plugin from Waves powerful, but it also has a built-in synth that acts as a carrier. This is the vocoder plugin. However, this synth is quite limited in that it only allows you to select among eight internal voice synthesizers.

The great news is that you can sidechain your sound sources and ignore the built-in synth altogether, should you want to. It also comes with 5-band EQ and other formant, smoothing, and pressure control features. As you can see, Morphoder is a straightforward vocoder plugin. But what it misses in brightness, it more than makes up for ease of use and overall effectiveness.

9. XILS V+ by XILS Lab

Price: $159/ 11775.22 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)


XILS V+ is a plugin based on Roland’s classic VP330 that includes a simple vocal synth, a very simple string synth, and a basic vocoder plugin. The original Roland VP330 does only three things, but it does them in a style and quality that has yet to be surpassed.

The plugin adds a vintage ten band vocoder, high-end octave divider-based strings, and sophisticated layering of the human voice or any of these three elements. It also includes some new additions that the folks at XILS Labs have decided to add; A virtual keyboard, an advanced stereo space effect, a simple yet nice sounding reverb, and an analog-like resonant phaser, up to 6 free assignable modulation nodes, and more.

10. Razor by Native Instruments

Price: $99 / 7331.74 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

Razor by Native Instruments

Native Instruments is known for making some great plugins, be it Guitar VST plugins or sampler plugins, and they all sound great. The Razer is a vocoder plugin and soft synth, but it has an excellent 34-band vocoder function. This vocoder function can create the classic vocoder sounds we all know, but it also allows for more research where you can come up with some cool sounds.

Top 6 Free Vocoder Vst

1. TAL-Vocoder by Togu Audio Line (Free)

TAL Vocoder by Togu Audio Line

The TAL-Vocoder is a vintage vocoder with 11 bands that emulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80s. It consists of analog modeling components combined with digital algorithms such as SFFT (Short-time Fast Fourier Transform).

This vocoder does not produce direct carrier and modulation signals as other digital vocoders directly. It includes one envelope follower for each of the eleven bands. It is mainly optimized for voice processing and includes some algorithms for consonant sounds to make the voice more legible and it is a free vocoder plugin.

2. FBVC by Full Bucket Music (Free)

FBVC by Full Bucket Music

Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a plugin that emulates the classic KORG VC-10 vocoder from 1978. It emulates both the sonic character and signal range of the said vocoder while introducing new features.

Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a vocoder plugin that emulates the classic KORG VC-10 vocoder from 1978. It emulates both the sonic character and signal range of the said vocoder while introducing new features.

3. VSMINI Vocoder by WOK (Free)

VSMINI Vocoder by WOK

VSMINI is a 20-band vocoder effects plugin based on the Sennheiser Vocoder, albeit with a much simpler version. It has an internal carrier signal source with jigsaw or noise and optional MIDI controls.

In addition, an external signal can be used as a carrier on one channel of the stereo input, with the other channel receiving the modulation signal. An integrated noise generator for the sibilance parts of the speech signal improves articulation quality. VSMINI vocoder plugin is free to use.



This is not your traditional vocoder plugin, as you can understand from the name. However, it has an exciting sound, even though it’s a reasonably limited plugin. It comes with some built-in presets that feels a bit strange. The whole plugin looks weird, but it’s also exciting. The mono version is an effects plugin, which is not a VST tool. Poly Version is a VST Instruments application where you can load vocal tracks into software and create a polyphonic vocoder plugin using MIDI channels.

5. Vintage Vocoder by Sonicism (Free)

Vintage Vocoder by Sonicism

Vintage Vocoder was a commercial product published initially by Sonicism Digital Audio Solutions in 2002. It was used for robot voices and sound effects in the computer game Freelancer. And this vocoder plugin is free to use.

6. Vocovee by g200kg (Free)

Vocovee by g200kg

The Vocovee g200kg is the VST effect version of the Vocov Vocoder and has a limited number of features. It doesn’t have sidechain routing but has low latency, making it ideal for performance. It also has a better built-in synth which is a nice and free vocoder plugin.


So, now you know what the vocoder plugin is? Vocoding software is not just about robotizing, vocoder voice changing, or voice mangling. It is an excellent form of cross synthesis that works well with live audio input and a variety of source material. There are many paid and free vocoders vst in the market. Vocoder logic and vocoder microphones are best for musicians and music producers who use Ableton, FL Studio, vocoder Logic Pro-X, etc. It helps to create new variations in their songs and enhance the quality of the song.

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