20 Best Royalty-Free Music Sites in 2023

The 20 Best Royalty Free Music Sites in 2022

Music licensing that the customer is allowed to pay the associated license only once and use the music per their requirement or as long as they want in a single finished product or film is known as Royalty-Free Music. This term can, however, be extended. Royalty-Free Music is Royalty Free under ‘Public Domain’ or ‘Creative Commons when we use free music in our projects.

Here’s a list of 20 best royalty free sites:

1. Gemtracks

For original beats and instrumental backing tracks, Gemtracks is the perfect place. Gemtracks stand out from others with their friendly and easy-to-access web layout.

2. Purple Planet

As one might anticipate from the given company’s name, this website is purple and has a planetarium feel. This is a good alternative for those on a low budget, for as little as $8 or $40.

3. Amazon

You know precisely what to anticipate if you’re familiar with Amazon. The selection of royalty-free tunes on amazon isn’t awe-inspiring, but the price ranges from 79 pence to 99 pence.

4. Artlist

Artlist provides access to its whole collection, unlimited downloads, and lifetime use for any project (even commercial) for YouTube, videos, and films. For an unlimited license, the pricing range is $199 a year (which corresponds to $16.60/month).

5. Hook sounds

Though the title is snappy, this site allows you to join a community of more than 100,000 individuals worldwide. They let you utilize their exclusive collection of music produced by handpicked musicians.

6. TeknoAXE

If you’re seeking dance tracks where heavy metal and rock are more of your style, TeknoAXE provides a wide range. If acknowledged properly, tracks can be used for commercial with their operating Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0)

7. Audiosocket

Handpicked music rights can be purchased from an online store audio socket. With restricted options and functionality, the personal license costs $5, but it offers restricted options and functionality.

8. AudioJungle

AudioJungle provides a wide range of all genres of royalty-free music you could wish for as little as $1.

9. Opsound

Opsound provides a platform for musicians and artists to collaborate and exchange music. However, a license must be obtained to access the music files for commercial use.

10. Epidemic Sound

9Epidemic Sound was established so that music could flow freely and fairly between creators worldwide and make sure that the music creators get paid.

11. Beatsuite

10Beatsuite provides three categories of Music licenses. Their goal is to make your experience on our website as pleasurable, practical, and successful as possible.

12. Pond5

Pond5’s primary goal is to be Creating world-class storytellers. With free AI-powered search tools for popular editing applications, you can locate what you need faster.

13. Bensound

For legally obtaining high-quality music, beyond is the go-to website with their Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivs 3.0 license.

14. Partners In Rhyme

Without paying royalties, a piece of wonderful collection music is offered to download for use in youtube videos and commercial projects.

15. Free Soundtrack Music

Here video creators are offered a royalty-free license by the music composers. Up to six “FREE” recordings can be downloaded by the visitor if the terms of usage are followed.

16. Take tonnes

With thorough and valuable filters, it’s easy to track down the perfect piece of music for your project here.

17. Soundstripe

Soundstripe provides many production music solutions instead of selling single license songs.

18. Storyblocks

Searching through music is going to be difficult here as it has a collection of over 100,000 tracks with no download limits,

19. Music Vine

Pricing starts from £14.99 per month. You can create professional content without a huge budget here.

20. Filmstro

With instructional video on the Products page, Pricing starts from $37.99 a month for a company subscription.

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