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Top 10 Press Release Distribution Software [UPDATED 2022]

Press Release is an essential means of communication that helps to create exposure for your brand and draws attention to your product or services. Frequently used in public-relations context, press releases are intended to raise interest and awareness about the subject among a particular target audience. Press releases often come in the form of alerts posted on social media to get more online visibility of a company or an individual. To make your task easier, press release distribution software helps you to send press releases to a targeted audience of journalists, to large social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets automatically. 

Top 10 Press Release Distribution Software

Importance of Press Release in Public Relations  

Importance of Press Release in Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between their organizations and the public. If you are thinking about the public relations industry, you should consider press release. It is beneficial for individuals and companies both as they can maintain communication with the people by various techniques to increase online visibility. For example, if you are a musician then you can promote your work online by music PR for your new albums. There are many benefits of press release for a musician. It will make you more visible online.  

In the public relations industry, you should always consider a press release. Issuing a press release doesn’t mean the media will automatically run it. They will ask such questions: Does it interest readers? Does it benefit the community in the same way? So, it is important to keep such questions in mind before issuing any press release.  

Remember that press release is not about boosting corporate sales; consumer-focused language should not be employed. Press releases are intended to share newsworthy information, such as upcoming events, personnel changes, new corporate strategies, etc. Good press release distribution should ensure that the information is given to the most essential and relevant media outlets to reach as many readers as possible. In the public relations industry, press releases effectively spark conversation around critical professional events and are commonly used PR tools for media success.  

What is Press Release Distribution Software? 

Distributing press release doesn’t have to be a grind. Press release distribution software consists of tools and services that assist companies to send press releases to traditional news outlets, digital news sites, journalists, influencers, and bloggers, to secure news coverage. It takes care of the tech so you can nurture your relationships. 

 By incorporating products and services into relevant news stories in the form of press releases and distributing it, you can increase your brand value among specific target audiences. This represents a core component of digital PR and content marketing strategy.  

Here are some of the best press release distribution software:  

Top 10 Press Release Distribution Software 

1. Prowly


Prowly is one of the best free press release distribution software. It enables brands to create and send visuals, send interactive press releases, send attachments via link over email and post the same online, adds a proper SEO title tag automatically, select keywords and follows the SEO guidelines to make sure your press release ranks the highest in search engines. It also offers a 7-day free trial.  


  • Quickly creates visual and eye-catching press releases. 
  • Easily generates a targeted audience according to your niche 
  • Effectively distributes your press releases via email to the targeted audience. 
  • Maintains your entire PR workflow 

2. Prezly


Prezly is a complete PR software suite which helps to establish a solid foundation of your brand. It is one of the best free press release desktop distribution software which offers you a 14-day free trial. Create engaging press releases, organize your contacts, pitch your story, track your coverage and know the whole PR workflow by Prezly. Its user-friendly software makes it easy for users to know about their press release and to fetch information.  


  • Create your press release with limitless images, videos, tweets, etc. 
  • You can publish your press release as a story in your own branded newsroom. 
  • You can send your story to your contacts and can track who reads them. 
  • Friendly support to help you anytime.  

3. Newswire


With Newswire, distribute your news to the traditional & digital media outlets, making it easy to launch and track effective press release campaigns. According to press release distribution software reviews on various websites, News wire is one of the most trusted press release distribution software companies with best-in-class science, process and technology. It helps to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right audience. 


  • Cost-effective press release distribution with proven results 
  • Showcase your news and stories via secure CMS. 
  • Helps you to track your PR workflow for better results. 
  • Show analytics in real time to empower your decisions.  

4. Cision PR Newswire

Cision PR Newswire

Reach the right audience and gain more online visibility with Cision PR Newswire, one of the best press release distribution services software. It is one of the most trusted PR distributors for targeted content distribution with innovative strategies. It helps to make it visible online by connecting your brand with the right influencers across multiple media platforms and networks. 


  • Make your press release stand out 
  • Targeted email outreach for your brand awareness 
  • At-a-glance info on each contact so that you can seamlessly follow them 
  • Complete PR suite with newsroom, campaigns and coverage for solid brand establishment. 

5. e Releases

E Releases

E Releases is one of the best distribution software with a proven track record of reaching journalists, reporters, bloggers, radio and television. They believe in hand-selecting the journalists most likely to respond to your press release distribution. This is done by understanding what journalists are looking for and contacting them on the nation’s oldest and largest platform. 


  • It helps the users to reach major news outlets. 
  • Nurtured relationships with journalists, reporters and bloggers 
  • SEO optimized press releases to reach a higher audience 
  • A detailed report of your press release distribution 

6. Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk is one of the trusted places to gather, sort and publish all your PR content. It is an all-in-one platform to reach a bigger audience and increase brand awareness. With their artificial intelligence and smart algorithms, you will reach thousands of journalists with a single click.  


  • Increase your brand awareness and reach millions of audiences 
  • Reach more influencers and journalists in less time 
  • Increase your SEO reach by distributing through our highly rated domain 
  • Increases the chance of media coverage of your press release 

7. Wizikey


Wizikey helps businesses to amplify media coverage with news trends and insights. Wizikey’s world-class media monitoring and public relations software goes more in-depth in analyzing your brand and marketing communications. It is one of the best press release distribution software and offers 14 days free trial. 


  • Earned media insights and reports 
  • Verified global media database 
  • Media monitoring and intelligent marketing techniques 
  • Easy to understand performance graphs 

8. Newswire Jet

MicrosoftTeams image 15

Newswire Jet is an affordable online press release distribution platform that helps various businesses gain visibility online and increase their web presence. It helps to get more media coverage with the help of many journalists and does the correction of every press release before circulating it.  Their services are perfect for SEO purposes and brand visibility as well.  


  • Extensive media networks for more online visibility 
  • Budget-friendly packages for small businesses 
  • It helps in editing press releases before circulating it. 
  • Easy user interface for better understanding of users 

9. Site trail

Site trail

Site trail is one of the best press release distribution software that has a vast media list for outstanding reach. It helps in exposing brands to major DA outlets which lets you in the competition. In addition, it is one of the most authorized press release distribution software that offers social media verification.   


  •  Gain valuable high DA links with guest posting service 
  • Expert press release writing and distribution to mainstream news sites 
  • SEO techniques for higher rank on search engines  
  • Multi-lingual content by US/UK writers for your site.  

10. Accesswire

Accesswire 1

Accesswire is one of the best softwares for press release distribution. It is one of the fastest-growing, global newswires with the highest user adoption. Their press release distribution platform provides results to thousands of customers each month. Are you feeling about telling your story? Then it would be best if you went for Accesswire. 


  • Synchronize your news straight to the public by their major media outlets 
  • You SEO techniques in the press releases with no deceptive SEO stuffs 
  • Help in creating brand awareness by smart marketing techniques  
  • It helps in highlighting every new event by attractive press releases 


So, these are some of the press release distribution software. In today’s digital media landscape, businesses rely on several different strategies to communicate with their target audiences, such as social media, advertising, and content marketing. For example: some artists use EPKs to get them noticed. They are electronic form of artist press kit and they circulate it on social networks and over mail for more visibility.  Businesses write and distribute press releases to secure coverage in the media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, podcasts, and blogs. When a media publication picks up a press release, the story has the potential to reach a much wider audience than the company’s social media following or email subscriber list. 

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