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Express your music visually with the Best Lyric Video Makers

Studies show lyric videos tend to be more popular on social media than music videos. What if there was a visual way to promote your song? The time has come for a music video.

Best Lyric Video Makers

In this article, we are going to review ten greatest lyric video maker applications and software you can use on the Web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Some of the lyric video makers are free to download some come with nominal charges.

Let’s understand first what is a lyric video?

A lyric video is animated content that focuses on the music lyrics and is made with lyric music video maker software. The main part in the video is the text. Words can be animated in various ways and in different scenes and surroundings. These lyrics can be just overlayed on some fiction or over a real filmed music video. It can be the one that is integrated into a scene as well. It generally works on a simple concept, but the outcome is really amazing. In a lyric video, visualization of the song holds a great opportunity for creating content that people and viewers really appreciate and like. Several bands and musicians are already using them and have witnessed a sudden jump in their fan followings.

A few of them have already got thousands of fans only with the help of their lyric videos. Tailor Swift released a big quantity of lyric videos a few years ago and has earned big fame in the music industry. We all prefer doing our work on the phone and phones cater to the biggest audience in every industry and work that we do. One of the basic questions that an android user thinks is how to make a lyric video on android. We have curated a list of various lyric video makers that holds some features and are easy to use by musicians and video makers in masses.

Express your music visually with the following 10 Best Lyric Video Makers-

1. FlexClip

One of the best lyric video editors online is FlexClip, the first on our list. You can easily create an awesome lyric video using FlexClip. It is a powerful but easy to use lyric video maker. You need not download or install it to create music on same, but you can make lyric videos that are awesome in no time with its free music library, video effects, and various text options. Now you can make an online lyric video easily with this best lyric video software which is free to work on. FlexCilp is the Best lyrical video Maker app that comes without a watermark and is loved by many artists.

2. Animaker

You can make kinetic typography animations on Animaker, an online tool for creating animated lyric videos. Simple steps are involved. With 40+ fonts and 60+ kinetic typography and transition effects, select the lyric video template of your choice, customize it with your lyrics and share your video to YouTube or download it directly. There is no skill required for same but passion and love for music. Animaker gives you various templates to make animated videos on. There are several lyrics video maker app that are available on the market that are easy to use and are preferred choices for video makers.

A few steps involved in making music video on Animaker-

  • Select a template you like or start from scratch
  • Choose from 40+ fonts or upload custom fonts
  • Choose from 60+ transition and kinetic typography effects
  • Export it to YouTube or download it directly
animaker 1

3. Kapwing

With the same intuitive and clean interface as Animaker, Kapwing is also a free online tool for making lyric videos. This simple but powerful program won’t add the video watermark. You can use this tool to bring your lyric video to life in just a few steps, adding music, changing the video background, and setting your favourite text font, size, colour, and timing. Kapwing is one of the best lyric video maker that a musician cherish and love to work on. There are several other lyric video maker that are free and has no watermark.


Following features make it different from other video maker –

Kapwing is –

  • Free to use
  • Powerful
  • videos can be made online
  • There are no ads on the app
  • It doenst have any watermark
  • There’s no spam in the blog

4. Kizoa

Because of its ability to create animated lyric videos with different transitions and text effects, we have included Kizoa on our list. GIFs and logos can then be added to your video, or you can change the font and size of the lyrics text as you like. Although the application is robust, loading is slow due to its robustness. The right lyric maker for you is Playmaker if you plan to create an animated lyric video.


The following features make Kizoa different from other lyric video makers-

  • Collaboration
  • Social Sharing
  • Audio Tools
  • Brand Overlay
  • Media Library
  • Video Speed Controller
  • Split Video
  • Merge video
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay

5. YouTube Movie Maker

Making lyric videos on a PC is made easy by making lyric video maker. With it, you can feature fonts, colors, sizes, background images, special effects, and more to make lyric videos and Karaoke videos. The lyric video maker comes in two modes: wizard for professionals and complete for beginners. Additionally, there are numerous videos posted on the website that walk users through each step. Learn how to create a lyric video by watching these tutorials.

youtube movie maker

Let’s understand some features of one of the best lyric video maker YouTube Movie Maker with following table –

movie maker table

6. Superstring

With Superstring creating a lyric video has never been easier. Among many lyrics video maker apps, Superstring supports Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users can use the lyric video software. Unlike other lyric video makers, it offers you an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to launch and edit immediately. Copy, paste, align your timing and export your lyrics by dragging and dropping them into Superstring. As well, you can upload your YouTube videos directly to this program.


7. Lyric. TV

The Lyrics.TV software is an Internet-based music video player for Windows and Mac. Video professionals and music fans alike will enjoy it. You can easily make animated lyric videos with this professional lyric video maker and share them easily on social media like YouTube or Facebook. The software is available now for free download for those who sign up.

8. Video Proc

Video Proc. is a robust and versatile video editing and processing software that enables you to add subtitles file as lyrics so you can make lyrics video in seconds without synchronizing lyrics with songs.

video proc

Here are some features that makes VideoProc a little different from other video makers –

  • You can use Subtitles as lyrics and batch add them to 4K UHD videos.
  • You can extract subtitles, videos, and music from websites.
  • It supports the level-3 hardware acceleration technology.
  • VideoProc has a rich editing features like trim, cut, crop, split, rotate, deshake, etc.

9. RotorVideo

RotoeVideo maker is an online Lyric Video Maker with 40+ Video Edit Styles. It supports OS and video can be made online. One can create short lyric video with RotorVideo by clicking

  • Create New Video
  • Select file
  • Choose clips which needs to be added
  • look at the overview of it
  • Add more text to the video
  • then download the video clip.

Rotorvideo is one of the best free lyric video maker that offers basic lyric video making toolsets and has following features-

  • It has a free stock video and audio clips
  • It has predesigned text templates that helps to quickly create stylish lyrics.
  • One can make videos online lyric videos that goes compatible with the browsers on both mobile phones and computers.

10. KineMaster

KineMaster is a lyric Video Maker App that supports iPhone and Android both. KineMaster is the best lyric video maker app for iPhone users.


This is how you can make videos on KineMaster-

  • Click the add icon to select the aspect ratio
  • Click the triangle button at the right toolkits to playback the video.
  • Click Layer to add Text and enter the first sentence of your lyric.
  • Select the Text layer to get the options to change Font, Color, In-animation, Out-animation, and more.
  • Move the play head to each of the marks, and every time you click
  • Trim/Split > Split the Playhead to split the Text track into many clips.
  • Select the separated text track and tap on the keyboard icon to input the relevant lyrics.
  • After making everything properly, click the share icon, select the needed resolution and frame rate, and then tap on Export to save the lyric video.

Simple lyric music video with plain text, music, and graphics, but some really amazing ones that have animated text, moving background, cool transitions, funny stickers, and many catching effects. We have presented you the best lyric makers available in the market that helps to create great music. It is an amalgamation of both lyric video software that are free and paid.

Did you know Fact

Did you know the first lyric video ever was made in 1988 by amazing Bobby Brown for his song “Every Little Step”. The song had only one phrase in the scene, but it was one of the great effect for those times. Later on the video “Every little Step” was remade for YouTube audience with a unique and fresh touch that helped Bobby to get a huge army of fans and made him more popular.

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