10 Best Music Distribution Services & Companies of 2023

Best Digital Music Distribution Services Reviewed

With technological advancements reshaping the entertainment business, digital music distribution has reached a fever pitch. Regrettably, the proliferation of distributors adds to the difficulty of selecting the best provider for your music. This is because music distribution services provide almost comparable features and services as part of a bundled deal or boutique. However, there are distinctions based on the breadth and scale of these services. Here are the 10 best digital music distribution services for music.

10 Best Digital Music Distribution Services of 2023

1. CD Baby

CD Baby is at the top of the rankings, so to speak, with a one-two hit of a vast network of over 150 retailers and partners and a suite of services, the majority of which are branded, CD Baby.

Artists pay for each single or album submitted, and based on the price tier they pick, they get a bundle of features. There are no yearly fees associated with this arrangement, and artists get 100% of royalties on a weekly basis. CD Baby also provides physical distribution through CDs and vinyl, in addition to digital distribution.

2. Distrokid

Apart from a similarly huge network of partners and outlets, Distrokid’s endeavor to get artist music into digital download and streaming platforms is 10 to 20 times quicker than any other distributor. Apart from the speed claim, its primary distinction from CD Baby is its business model: for a yearly subscription, artists may release an unlimited number of songs and get 100% of their revenues monthly.

3. ReverbNation

As the tagline “Artists First” implies, ReverbNation positions itself as more than a music distributor; it positions itself as a career builder for artists. Artists on a restricted budget may also like the fact that the firm provides a free tier for direct selling, but distinct pricing levels for digital distribution.

ReverbNation is the only site on our list that has a website builder for artist branding in addition to music fan feedback. Indeed, ReverbNation’s suite of features surrounding basic music distribution is geared toward the artist’s career.


LANDR is unusual on this list since it is primarily an audio mastering software firm, not a music distribution company. LANDR is a desktop application that combines music creation and mastering with digital distribution services. Just like LANDR, there are many other music distribution firms and companies.

LANDR utilizes AI-powered audio mastering for its software (which also conducts audio mastering for video), seeking to give each music generated by its users a professional feel and finish. Once the production process is complete, artists no longer need to go elsewhere for digital music distribution where they retain 100% of revenues and creative control.

5. Tunecore

Tunecore is an uncomplicated distribution service that takes pride in being one of the market’s pioneers, having established the business model in 2006. Artists retain 100% of their income in exchange for an annual fee.

Apart from distributing music to over 150 digital outlets, Tunecore also offers extensive sales statistics and value-added services such as social media marketing and music publishing administration.

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6. Amuse

Amuse is exceptional when contrasted with its rivals. They offer a few exceptionally cool features that a ton of other digital music distribution companies don’t, so there are many reasons they may be an ideal choice for your music.

To start with, they’re the main significant organization that permits you to convey your music for nothing while at the same time keeping 100 percent of the benefits. It’s quite difficult to rival a cost like that!


Comparably to Amuse, AWAL is attached to a name and charges nothing for you to circulate your music with them. Regardless, they really do take a 15% cut of your income, which might be a lot for some artists.

One more unique part of AWAL is that they don’t work with everyone. Artists need to present their music and be approved in order to distribute with AWAL and get close to gaining access to their services.

8. Record Union

Record Union has a valuing plan that stands apart from a portion of the other music distribution organizations on this rundown.

It charges a yearly expense that contrasts relying on several elements. To begin with, estimating differs whether you’re releasing a single or an album (6-12 tracks). Second, they provide you with a decision to distribute your music to one, six, or streaming platforms at different costs.

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9. RouteNote

RouteNote offers free digital music distribution services for 15% of incomes, while additionally offering artists an exceptional arrangement that requires upfront payment however allows them to keep 100 percent, of all royalties. RouteNote professes to cover more than 90% of the digital distribution market.

10. OneRPM

OneRPM actively leverages its global network of users to drive greater visibility and opportunities for its members, increasing the reach of its artists with the help of fan engagement from its existing user base. It’s also worth noting that it offers a free pricing tier, although OneRPM keeps 15% of all royalties—even for the paid tiers.


So, these are the best digital music distribution and CD Baby is the clear leader on this list, it does not necessarily dominate the market owing to practical concerns. Music info is an excellent resource for artists wanting to get into the Chinese market, for example. Meanwhile, producers in need of mastering software and music distribution services are increasingly turning to LANDR.

We hope you find this blog helpful. If we missed anything, do let us know in the comment section below. You can also pick the music releasing process for yourself.

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