Benefits of taking music lessons online and how effective they are

What is a music education

Music is necessary to our daily existence, but could we survive without it? You long for an untroubled existence in the world of music. Your headphones are on as you walk towards your school or office to prove you cannot survive a minute without listening to music. Why would someone fail to learn this lesson? Musicians always seem to play their instruments mysteriously or have the courage to sing with such courage. Your doubts about your musical abilities and your chances of success stem from this. Here are a few tips on how to improve as a musician:


What’s the point of playing music?

Character building is a priority for us. Children should be taught discipline and focus in a fun environment. Our goal should be to make them feel hopeful and fulfilled.

As we practice patient endurance, our character will be refined, and as we follow the guidance of one’s trustworthiness, hope will once again be ours.”

We hope to achieve something higher than what is before us, something better. We hope for success. At this point, when almost everything is going online, and people are also indulging in online activities, taking music lessons online is another activity that learners are adapting.

We are now going to describe why do people prefer online music lessons? Do online music lessons actually work?

People take music lessons for the following reasons:

  1. Our passion for music bonds us with others.

2. We create rather than consume. The alternative to watching television or playing video games is to make something entirely our own and unique.

3. It is important to use our musical skills to make a difference in the lives of others. We want to bring joy to others, celebrate life milestones with music, or participate in community music projects, such as work, school, or church.

4. As a family that grows up playing music, we can bond and encourage each other to fulfill their musical dreams and goals.

5. The act of playing a song and expressing what we’re feeling within gives us comfort during times of hardship.

6. Physical disabilities can be mastered by playing music. The sound of music soothes us when we can’t concentrate, are sensitive to noise, or have trouble sitting still. We can learn how to focus and adapt to music when we listen to it.

7. The major benefits of taking online music lessons are –

  • They are self-paced
  • They give time flexibility
  • They are easily accessibile
  • Cost effective

8. On the subject of accessibility and inclusivity for all learners, being able to use assistive technology and keep pace with the same through mobile or computer ensures your proficiency.

9. Another benefits of music lessons online is it can save you a big amount of money. One also gets an access to pre-recorded lessons or text-based lessons which can be saved for near future and doesn’t need teacher’s presence all the time a person learns lessons.

10. A good online music lesson includes a well-written instructions, audio examples, lessons, pdfs of lessons and also gives you space to write a note by yourself or play something of your own. Some online lessons module may also offer one-on-one video chat sessions with the learners. That is just a basic overview of taking online music lessons though. Every music course you are taking will be different. As a general rule, every lesson should be fine-tuned to the purpose of the students and requirement of learners.

Benefits of music lessons

There are so many benefits that a student or a learner can get while learning music from home or at school. We can not deny the importance of music in education whether in school or college. Learning music is an extremely important subject at schools and college level. It leads to better brain development, increases human connection, improves grades, improves concentration, helps to socialise, lowers stress levels, and finds joy and keeps you happy all the time. Not only these tips are for music lessons for kids, if you are a budding artist or if your child has been asking for lessons on the music instruments like piano, guitar, or maybe even the saxophone and then you are hesitating and not sure about the commitments you should be giving to them, we have collated some great benefits of learning an instrument:

1. Music lessons helps to build language skills:

One of the main benefits of taking online music lessons is that as the learner levels up in learning instruments, they become accustomed to sounds they would not have recognized before. Taking music lessons moulds them to practice more and get a knack of subtle sounds of language.

2. Become academically stronger:

Researchers have found the connections between music lessons and every measure of academic achievements like – SAT scores, high school GPA, reading comprehension, maths problem-solving skills etc. Having music as a subject also improves their powers to recall lessons of other subjects. Music also helps in learning in all subjects.

3. Music increases IQ:

Numerous studies including this one in 2004 by E. Glenn Schellenberg has proven that children’s IQs have increased after taking music lessons even for a few weeks. Brain scan technology tells that brain activity increases following musical training, and some parts of the brain even grow larger!

4. Music teaches discipline:

Learning requires dedication and devotion and practice. Students automatically become disciplined after taking music lessons while they spend hours to learn any instrument, say violin or guitar. Music lessons require hours of concentration and patience and so is reflected in their practice.

5. Music supports muscle development and motor skills:

One major benefits of taking music lessons is students use their whole body to keep the rhythm going as per the lessons they are learning while they play. While they also must coordinate different motions with their hands or legs at the same time. Using various parts of bodies to play the instruments, help them to develop strength and coordination between mind and body parts.

6. Music lessons improves social skills:

If you are learning in a group, you have a chance to discuss and learn together for a common goal. So, exercising tolerance, patience, and encouragement towards their peers is another benefits of taking music lessons.

7. It makes kids feel good about themselves and skilled:

There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride that comes from working on building a new skill for an extended period of time. Especially when the result is beautiful music. This is another benefits of learning music lessons.

8. It helps kids understand culture:

By learning music online from various parts across the globe, learners come to understand others’ cultures too. Understanding others’ culture is another benefit of learning music lessons.

9. Music brings joy and positivity:

And finally, we come to the most important reasons of all. The benefits of music lessons while playing music keeps you happy and joyful.

See these are the various benefits of taking music lessons. And you thought they were just learning how to play an instrument!

Little did you know that you will accomplish so many other wonderful things while learning the benefits of music theory described to you in the above pointers.

With the changing times, when things are taking a u turn and everything is happening online, people are preferring taking online music lessons. The major question that arises here is will online classes be a supplement to in-person classes?

Yes! Of course. Taking an online class is actually a very good for the companies offering online music courses. Even though the best online music lessons includes everything you need to know about music, they can also be used in tandem with in-person classes. As it is the hybrid model of taking classes has been adapted by many colleges during global pandemic time. Taking music classes as a hobby or for a profession has a lot of benefits.

There are tones modules available online by the name of children music lessons or maybe some other. If you are a parent just refer to those modules and prep your kids for an interesting genre- music.

Now if you are wondering, what is the return on investment?

Practice, discipline, cost, inconvenience, and time spent practising are all for what? Indeed.

Building characters is in progress. Finding fulfilment is underway. The moment we play, we are trying to instil hope in others, finding hope for ourselves. The above pointers are not just for students or kids, these are some generic benefits of music lessons for adults too.

Agree or not? Tell us in the comments section below.

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