Being a music artist and make a living out of it is no big deal. But being a
novice in the field and figuring out things on your own is.

There can be multiple ways to make money from music from royalties from
audio streaming to selling your merchandise to a large audience.

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Earn from streaming platforms

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Collaborate with brands/musicians

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Earn from music blog

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OPlay gigs, effectively

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Earn from music blog

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Become a music teacher

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Technology has opened a plethora of options in new professions and opportunities for people around the world.
The music industry has truly been part of the growth opportunities – changing, expanding and evolving to meet new
demands. There’s high competition for traditional jobs in an orchestra or even as an emerging soloist. Emerging artists
and string musicians are looking at alternative careers that can earn names in the industry and utilize their skills
in new ways like by becoming music artists like rappers, music producers etc.

With technology intervention in music industry anyone can “make money as a musician”, social media and global
communications, the opportunities are wide open. Build your music career and making a living out of same has become
technology-driven and easy. However, it completely depends upon practice and preservation.

You certainly need to take plenty of baby steps to reach out to your desired goals.