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William Sami Etienne Grigahcine alias DJ Snake is a French Rapper, DJ and Parisian Powerhouse Producer with Algerian roots with the net worth of $8 million. He is always laser-focused to bring about innovation in music. Every time he performs, he sets the stage ablaze with his effortless slithering, and groovy beats.

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DJ Snake – Fun Facts

  • Williams was a high school drop out. He learned how to spin on console at the age of 14. Soon after he began working in one of the Paris’s most famous record shops where he encountered several famous DJs and producers. He established a good rapport with some of these musicians, including DJ Cut Killer, hip-hop vocalists, Cypress Hill, and KRS-One who later on became his mentors.
  • For all of those who don’t know the story behind with stage name, here is the story for you. He used to create graffiti art in his district. And whenever any cop tried to catch him, he would escape. Seeing him slither away every time, the people of the district gave him the name Snake. 
  • It was the scene from 1990 French film La Haine that sparked a fire within him to follow up DJ’ing as a career pursuit. During the scene, the character Cutkiller spins from his window to the neighborhood below.
  • Ever wondered, how he came up with his trademark look? A trademark look was not something he was aiming for.  It was a way suggested by his manager Steve Goncalves to get over his anxiousness to perform before a huge crowd, and it worked for him. Since then sunglasses became his signature style. DJ Snake even talked about this in an interview, 

When I became big I suddenly found myself playing on stage with 200,000 people and that is scary,” Snake notes. “I tried it, and it worked, ”Now people recognize me with my glasses, and it helps me feel better.

  • There has been a hoax about him being cross-eyed, which spread like wildfire. 
  • He has never smoked, consumed narcotic drugs or liquor in his whole life.


Since the age of 15, he completely sunk himself in music and has been on a path to success after he first performed with Snoop Dogg.

His collaboration with Lil Jon turned out to be a head turner. The Turn Down is the song that made him come to limelight.  It entered the billboard and got nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards. In the year 2015, he received the, ‘Best Direction’ award in the prestigious MTV Music Awards.

He joined hands with Dillon Francis for the song, ‘Get Low.’ He also collaborated with Major Lazer for the song, ‘Lean on’ which swayed the music world with a stir.  Since then, DJ Snake has been on everyone’s playlist.

DJ Snake’s highly successful debut album Encore has taken the industry by storm. In a year alone he headlined Coachella, Lollapalooza Paris, Lollapalooza Chicago, Hard Summer, and Tomorrowland, but the title of this live stream #ADifferentWay might be hinting at a new musical journey.

I have always been a great fan of the diversity he brings to the plate.  I hope you enjoy listening to my all-time favorites.

In the end, grab a look at the Forbes magazine interview session with him.

Record by record his music has won him streams, platinum records, and chart-toppers.His success, in comparison to other Music Dance titans, is what solidifies his imprint on the music scene.

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