Checking the accuracy of the content and reviewing its policy comes under fact-checking.

GrooveNexus Entertainment and Media Services Private Limited is a publishing company. We would like to inform you about precaution and care that we maintain to make sure the accuracy of Our content remains intact.

For any content platform, the trust and confidence of its users is the most significant aspect for itself. And that trust comes from fair, accurate and balanced content. It is of utmost importance that we maintain the due accuracy and precision of all our content as much as possible.

Our understanding of “accuracy” is that it is not only a necessary criterion, but also practically satisfactory. Factors such as the subject and type of information provided, and the expectations of the audience are also considered to ensure accuracy. We strive to provide the most accurate representation possible. This is supported by the direct stakeholders of the news in all news reports. We consider skeptical claims, challenge assumptions, and conventional knowledge. We are aware of the areas of uncertainty that are always present, despite our best efforts to resolve them. However, the rigor required to validate information about soft and hard stories is different. To ensure the accuracy of our content, we adhere to the following guidelines: Based on concrete and verified facts, we guarantee that all articles from us come from trustable and reliable sources. If we don’t have a direct source, we’ll link the story to the original platform.

We understand that the trust of the audience in us is paramount. Therefore, it is Our endeavor that we do not consciously misinform anyone, and that we do not tweak any information or present any made-up information as factual content. Further, where serious factual errors come to the fore, we certainly accept them and rectify them as soon as we can in a clear and appropriate manner. We ensure that a fair opportunity is given to the public to provide any feedback to us in the comment section below each of our articles.

Our content is subjected to scrutiny on multiple levels, including a robust factcheck internal procedure wherein a thorough due diligence is carried out on every piece, and is further reviewed by one or more of our editors. It needs to be specified that the seniority of editors who review the content to be published on the website differs and depends on various factors such as complexity and sensitivity of the issue, and the pressure of time.

Sourcing Information for Our content:

We source information in the most accurate way by following the given guidelines: Verify each and every information with at least two sources. In case of a single source, the credibility of the source is ensured through corroboration with what the person is saying. Always be aware of the information / news and talk to the people involved. Use such sources as much as possible to explain why anonymous sources may be used but not credited, and to allow readers to assess the authenticity of the source. Devise a way to provide information about. Share information about the source with editors so that editors (editors and reporters) can evaluate whether the information in question is suitable for use and how it is used. To avoid presenting false information to the audience, you can always consult with a senior, if you are in a dilemma or cannot make your own decisions.