Sunset Fest 2023: A Spectacular Music and Lifestyle Extravaganza

Sunset Fest 2023

After a long break, Sunset Fest’s much-anticipated second version finally came back, and it did not let anyone down. This 2-day event, which took place last weekend in Delhi on September 23rd and 24th, 2023, was even better than expected. The two days of entertainment, music, and energy left everyone in awe. 

The beautiful DLF Promenade, which is at 3 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj Mall Road, Delhi, Delhi – 110070, was the site of Sunset Fest. The site added to the magic of the event by giving the celebrations the perfect setting. 

Artist Who Performed:

Tech Panda and Kenzani

Delhi’s Tech Panda and Kenzani are dedicated to preserving the musical heritage of India through their electronic music, which they hope to elevate by expertly combining vintage melodies with futuristic beats. Their duet with Rusha & Blizza, “Dilbar,” was a viral hit that won them a legion of fans. They are influential creators creating India’s thriving music environment, with a stunning portfolio of sixteen hits in 2022 and bold aspirations for the future. 

 Lush Lata

Among Lush Lata’s many accomplishments as a DJ and producer in the electronic music field is her 2023 appearance at the CTM Festival For the past four years, the New Delhi-based DJ has performed all over India, including at major events like Magnetic Fields, Lakme Fashion Week, and Bacardi NH7 Weekender. 

She has also gone on a world tour, playing festivals and venues such as New York’s Old Flings, London’s Boomtown, and Derry’s Celtronic Festival in the United Kingdom. 


Neal Sekhri and Anant Ahuja run MadStarBase, a group of creative music artists who have changed India’s music scene. They’re known for mixing styles and making great Bollywood covers that made old songs sound new and inspired a whole new generation of artists. MadStarBase influences more than just music. They also influence fashion and art, making a big difference in how India’s culture is changing. 

Day 1: A Musical Journey (23rd September) :

Tech Panda and Kenzani’s Electrifying Fusion

The raging success of Day 1 can be attributed to the fascinating performance by Tech Panda and Kenzani, who fused classic melodies with cutting-edge electronic beats. The audience couldn’t stop moving to the music, thanks to these talented performers. 

Charming Melodies and Soaring Tunes

Lush Lata, Bird, and Reyo and Soul provided charming melodies and soaring tunes, respectively, “adding layers of musical delight to the evening. Akash Kapoor’s charismatic performance left an indelible mark on all attendees. 

Day 2: A High-Energy Finale (24th September):

Madstarbase Sets the Mood

The second day of the event began with Madstarbase setting the mood for another day of incredible performances. The crowd went wild for the high-energy acts by Kampai and Ksc b2b soopy. 

Keeping the Momentum Going

Kreon b2b priyum ensured the momentum didn’t wane, and Nake’s set gave the evening its character. With Barnet’s performance, the festival ended, leaving attendees with wonderful memories of two days packed with excellent musical acts. 

Event Highlights:

Exquisite Cocktail Experiences

Sunset Fest was heaven for people who love cocktails. More than 15 creative bars served tempting drinks, so it was a journey for the taste buds. There was a wide range of drinks, from traditional cocktails to new, creative mixes. 

Thrilling Gaming Zone

Fans of video games found a safe place to be at the event in the exciting gaming area. There was a lot of fun for gamers of all ages, from high-speed racing models to virtual reality games that put you in the game. 

VIP Luxury Lounge

The VIP lounge was a haven of ease and luxury for people who wanted to add a touch of class to their experience. It was a place to get away from the busy event grounds and had high-end services and amenities. 

Culinary Delights: A Feast for the Senses

Foodies were in for a treat because over 10 food pop-ups were serving delicious treats. The event had a wide range of foods, from traditional street food to gourmet treats, so there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

Retail Therapy: Retail Alley Extravaganza 

People who love shopping had a great time at the festival’s retail alley, which had over 50 different stores for all their shopping needs. A treasure chest full of things, from clothes to crafts, was ready to be found. 

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