SeaRock: India’s Rock Band Competition and Music Festival


SeaRock, the international semi-professional rock band competition, has established itself as a cornerstone of the renowned three-day cultural festival called “Waves.” With each passing year, this event has become a melting pot for emerging musical talent from all corners of India, hosting eliminations in various cities across the nation. In a remarkable move in 2018, SeaRock expanded its horizons by hosting eliminations in Kathmandu, Nepal, cementing its international presence.  

Over time, SeaRock has evolved into a nurturing ground for rising stars within the Indian music scene. Esteemed alums such as Zygnema, Ryan Victor Project, Family Cheese, Inner Sanctum, Five-Legged Funk Machine, Knight Shades, and Highway 69 have graced its stages, adding to the event’s prestige. SeaRock has blossomed into a full-fledged music festival, garnering associations with renowned entities like Hard Rock Cafe, BPCL, Furtados, The Venue, and MTV Xtreme.  


The high-stakes semi-finals and finals of SeaRock take center stage during Waves, the vibrant campus cultural fest. This grand setting offers the finalists a remarkable opportunity to open for notable bands, including The Local Train in 2019 and As We Keep Searching in 2022, in one of the festival’s marquee events—the Indie Night concert. Undoubtedly, these collaborations present an electrifying experience for the participants and further propel their careers by exposing them to a larger audience.  

The winner of the SeaRock competition receives the coveted chance to participate in the prestigious SeaRock Finals. In 2022, this pinnacle event boasted a substantial cash prize pool of 1 lakh and other valuable prizes and gear. Such rewards recognize the participants’ exceptional talent and provide them with tangible support and resources to fuel their musical journeys.  

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Moreover, SeaRock has cultivated relationships with various media and music partners, granting participants the extraordinary opportunity to be interviewed by these influential entities. These collaborations augment the participants’ exposure and allow them to interact with industry professionals, further bolstering their credibility and visibility in the music world.  

All in all, SeaRock stands as an unparalleled platform for burgeoning talent in the Indian music landscape. It’s a multifaceted offering of performance opportunities, substantial rewards, industry associations, and media exposure that ensures participants receive a comprehensive career boost. As SeaRock continues to grow, we invite all the talented and aspiring bands to join us for this year’s edition, Searock’23. 

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