INSOMNIA 2020 | ‘A Tale of White Lies’

Insomnia 2020

INSOMNIA 2020 – ‘A Tale of White Lies’

INSOMNIA, Annual Cultural Fest, IISER Mohali, after successfully completing its 8 years, is on its 2020 voyage this year. Since its inception in 2013, INSOMNIA has been one of the biggest and most awaited fests of Chandigarh Tricity. It is an extravaganza of music, dance, art, drama, literature, quizzing, and gaming with a yearly footfall of 10,000-12,000.

Punch Your Clock:

The very essence of INSOMNIA lies in the celebration of cultural pluralism. The major highlights of the fest are the featured performances by different artists and bands hosted by INSOMNIA from India, and around the world, some being Parikrama, The Local Train, Spunk the Rock Band, Swastik the Band, Guthrie Govan, Gino Banks, Angad Singh Ranyal, Mohini Dey and Murray Molly.

What else to look for:

Insomnia hosts many extravagant events FLAGSHIP EVENTS being, ENCORE (Group Dance), CRESCENDO (Battle of Bands ), The Fashion Show, The Fitness Hustle And 30+  club, fun, cultural and sports events.


Before the main INSOMNIA events, we also arrange different fun/ academic events as a starter pack. For insomnia 2020, the PRE INSOMNIA EVENTS will be during Feb 21-23, 2020. This will include events like : 

1. Gaming Events: PubG mobile, Counter-Strike (CS-Go), Call of Duty (COD).
2. Sports Events: Street Cricket, Street Football, Basketball, Badminton, Running, Marathon,
3. Fun Events: UNO card game, Tambola, Poker event, Running Tik Tac Too, Face painting, T-shirt Painting, Open theater.
4. Rubik Cube Competition in association with “World cube association” – 23rd February 2020 at IISER Mohali

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So, brace yourself to enjoy and be free with all your energy and enthusiasm! 

Registration for Rubic’s Cube Competitions open.

For registration and inquiry, contact:
Prathamesh Pol – Coordinator
WhatsApp : +91 7977639287
Email: [email protected]

Photography and videography creditsLumiere, IISER Mohali

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