NIIT University to host its annual cultural fest INGENUITY’22


Ingenuity’22 brings you to a place where darkness and light meet, life and death cross paths, where wisdom and eccentricity become one.”
After a wait of two years and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears, ingeNUity’22, the Annual Cultural Fest of NIIT University is here.

ingeNUity is an ineffable concept. It can not be done justice through words, presentations or even videos – the feelings of those 72 hours are indescribable. To everyone who becomes a part of it, it is not a fest, it is an emotion. It is a magical concept that no NIIT University student can imagine going through their college life without.

A 72 hour-long fiasco of unadulterated enthusiasm, youthful joy and excitement on a campus nestled in the Aravalli Range. From the fiercest of competitions to the most enthusiastic dance battles, from street plays in the blazing sun to DJ nights under a starry night sky – we are ready to blow you away. With thousands of students attending, hundreds performing and some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry gracing our stage, the nights promise to be exhilarating. Zakir Khan and Nucleya are just some of the legends who have been amongst us in the past.

A legacy that spans nine years, ingeNUity lives up to its name of a cultural and inclusive fest. While various potent festivals from across India are celebrated throughout the year to keep the traditional spirit alive, the past themes of ingeNUity had always made sure that the flames of innovation were burning bright. From “The Legend Begins” in 2013 to “A magical menagerie” and “Neverland,” ingeNUity has always strived to be the bringer of change without forgetting that they are products of their past. Thus, ingeNUity has always integrated past learnings into future plans and made sure that the future torchbearers of this legacy have something to learn from them. This year- ingeNUity 2022 is based on the theme “Jekyll and Hyde”, a journey into the duality of reality.

ingeNUity always begins with the Opening Ceremony. It’s just a short glimpse into what the coming days will be like. With terrific performances and attention-grabbing shows, it is the unparalleled start to the fest. The following days are filled with events of various genres.The thespians in street play and monologues bring attention to society’s most pressing issues, allowing the young generation to prove just how socially aware and ready for change they are.The Battle of Bands is one of ingeNUity’s most awaited competitions, where teams battle it out to get the crowned title of the “Best Band.” Fashion societies across the NCR, on the other hand, come here to compete in the Fashion show, ready to rock stunning styles and set trends with their undeniably phenomenal fashion sense. Other contests include dance battles between the best performers in solos, duets, trios and groups and singing competitions for vocalists to show off their voices.
All so to say, GrooveNexus is proud to be associated with NIIT University’s Annual Cultural Fest ingeNUity’22. It has all it takes to take you on a journey never experienced, never witnessed and the best one ever.

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