Antaragni’18-en route Nirvana invoking magic on IIT-Kanpur

Antaragni 2018

Antaragni is the annual cultural fest of IIT Kanpur. With the tagline unleash the fire within, it is one of the biggest fests in Asia. Held in the month of October every year, this four-day festival is a phenomenal event witnessing participation from all over the country. This year, book your dates from 25th to 28th October to witness the magical realm of Antaragni’18-en route Nirvana. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Antaragni’18-en route Nirvana‘ will step onto its 53rd edition this year. Nirvana literally means a transcending state in which there is no suffering, desire, or sense of self. One needs to release self from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth to attain nirvana, according to Buddhist mythology. It is no more about the ‘vanquisher’ or the ‘vanquished’, nor about ‘rise’ or ‘fall’. It is just about overcoming your demons and your quest for distinction. This is exactly what the fest, in its ultimate extravaganza, trying to achieve. Catch a glimpse of the theme revealer below.

Major Events

Comic Kaun – For the budding stand-up comedians, this is Antaragni’s very own standup comedy event.

Ritambhara – Ritambhara is an unparalleled fashion event is a highly competitive stage for aspiring models and designers. This year, the event is styled by Lakmé academy. The theme is Panache de Aquatique and Mélange Illusie.

Doodlathon – The annual doodling marathon where one stands a chance to share the best doodle win goodies worth INR 10,000.

Dramatics – Street Play and Stage Play both find places here. The competition is judged by who’s who of the industry.

Films and AD-making – Show the world the power of a good cinematic experience. This is a stage for every aspiring ad/film-maker. Many novice ad/film-makers have found their dream careers after participating in this event.

Live Music Events

The major flagship events are the live music contests. These happen to be the most favorite among the attendees.

Junoon – Budding bands battle it out in the quest for glory in country’s biggest Eastern Fusion Rock Band competition. Junoon aims at delivering out the soundest of fusions. Hence, it has witnessed some remarkable performances over the years.

Musicals – The perfect platform for aspiring playback singers and composers. Sing, play and win souls. Musicals at Antaragni offers a plenitude of events -from A Capella, Sangam (group), Unplugged, Antaragni Idol and many more.

Major Attractions

Synchronicity – Synchronicity is the annual Rock Festival of IIT Kanpur. The race of frosty guitar riffs as the top bands in the country set the stage ablaze for the ultimate title. Synchronicity is the launch pad for some of India’s biggest rock bands including Parikrama, Blakc, Them Clones, Pentagram, Zero Gravity, also The Family Cheese. 

The headlining artist for Synchronicity’18 is the legendary guitarist, often described as “virtuoso’s virtuoso”, meaning “the greatest of the greats” – Guthrie Govan (Official). Known for his phenomenal guitar skills and association with artists like The Aristocrats, PeripherySteven Wilson and Hans Zimmer, Guthrie is all set to set the stage on fire with his guitar, accompanied by Mohini Dey and Gino Banks Official. Spectal Management made this possible.

Reverberation – Reverberation is the DJ War, the grandest EDM fiesta. Antaragni brings together every EDM enthusiast that has ever existed, be it the professionals, novices or the budding artists. Graced by the likes of Mike Candys, Dualist Inquiry, Anish Sood, and Nucleya, Reverberation is symbolic of everything Electronica is about. This event is a milestone in the ‘Indian Electronic Dance Music’ Scene.

The competitions are revamped, and prizes are made grander and therefore, the fight has intensified. Perform in front of eyes that value your art. Lose yourself in the tunes of ecstasy as these four days will set you en route Nirvana.

Antaragni’18-en route Nirvana has strived hard to ensure that you get an experience of a lifetime.

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