Mysticism and magic in the air at Kashiyatra 2023!

Mysticism and magic in the air at Kashiyatra 2023!

Kashiyatra is an annual socio-cultural fest organized by IIT (BHU) Varanasi. The fest has been running since 1981 and is one of the biggest student-run fests in India. It is a platform where people come together and share the same enthusiasm for culture and art. This event is celebrated by students, faculty members, and alums of the institute and is a perfect example of the spirit of unity in diversity. Every year, the fest invites students from across the country to participate in various events, such as cultural performances, workshops and seminars, guest lectures, art and photography exhibitions, and fun activities like gaming, quizzes, and sports.

Kashiyatra 2023 was the fortieth edition of the fest and was held from 20th-22nd January 2023. The theme of the fest was “Safarnama: A Mystical Voyage.” ‘Safarnama’ depicts a beautiful and magical journey of the changing cultural tradition throughout historical times.

The event was graced by the stunning performance of eminent personalities such as Raftaar, Darshan Raval, Anubhav Singh Bassi, MJ5, Anurag Halder, DJ AERREO, and DJ SARTEK.

The fest had something for everyone, from cultural competitions and art exhibitions to thrilling performances and knowledge-giving seminars. With over 60 events, 2000+ participants and 80,000+ footfall, the fest was a huge success.

“Safarnama – A Mystical Voyage” was kicked off with all its hues and colours! Kashiyatra’23, after a two-year-long online period, comes to life, ignited by the tunes of Shehnai and raw emotions of the qawwali presented by the Warsi brothers!

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With the enchanting voice of Darshan Raval and a plethora of enthralling performances like the Nukkad Natak, Free Style Football, and other mesmerising activities where participants exhibited their abilities and battled to win the trophy, the opening day of Kashiyatra’23 was nothing short of incredible! It was a day that left the audience with countless lifelong memories.

The mystical journey of Kashiyatra’23 continues with the magnanimous presence of Anubhav Singh Bassi. The day was more exciting than ever because of the unprecedented steps and beats and the cultural acts all day long! The audience was made even livelier than usual by DJs AERREO and SARTEK from Sunburn Campus, adding to the splendor.

Kashiyatra ’23 ends majestically, leaving us with unforgettable experiences that will last forever. Day 3 was a dynamic mix of intense rap battles, jaw-dropping mimes, and the mesmerizing dance of MJ5 and ending the grand event with the soul-energizing performance of Raftaar.

Kashiyatra 2023 provided students with the opportunity to explore their creativity and artistic abilities, as well as to network, have fun, and be a part of the vibrant culture of IIT (BHU) Varanasi. It was an excellent venue for people to come together and enjoy various activities while learning something new. Kashiyatra will continue its legacy of providing students with a platform to showcase their talent with an even bigger and better event planned for 2024.

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