GrooveNexus Entertainment and Media Services Private Limited is committed to transparency and dignity in all – its operations. We are guided and governed by the comprehensive principles contained in our Ethics Policy shared here for your information. In pursuit of our vision and mission, we follow certain ethical principles to be the most reliable platform for people to get news and information about the music industry, musicians, creator tools, music festivals, clubs etc. Ethical Principles In furtherance of our intent expressed above and our pursuit to be the most reliable platform through which people get news and information on the entertainment industry, we have adopted the following principles: Be a neutral platform. Present the most accurate important information available at the time we are covering any article. Credit source wherever needed or applicable. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and prohibited. Strive for balanced and unbiased take on everything that we publish. Make a clear distinction between business interests and editorial decisions. Under no circumstances will business interests take over editorial decisions. We provide accurate information. If we encounter an error, we acknowledge and correct the error.