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A party is complete without a DJ as they are an integral part of it, they are the ones who set up the mood on the dance floor. But that’s not all that proves that DJs are unusual musicians.

Well, this is an opinion, and every person in this world has his/her own. But if we talk about concerts and parties, we won’t fail to agree that DJs are the best type of musicians. Though, many people do not consider DJs as musicians, as they do not play songs of their own instead mix and match the already available songs.

DJs are unconventional in their ways and hence different. They can be considered musicians and at the same time cannot be considered musicians, if the literal meaning of musician famous into account, which says, “a musician is a person who plays or composes music”. But if we break this definition up and consider this definition as, “One who composes, conducts, or performs music, especially instrumental music”, then all the attributes described here such as ‘conducting and performing’ are attributes that are associated with DJs as well as other musicians. Moreover, our understanding of the meaning of DJ comes from the fact that they compose as well. It is a topic of conflict.

Apart from the argument that, can DJs be considered as musicians or not, it is that what the DJs possess is not possessed by any other musician. The art of mixing, matching, and playing with a base of music is not an easy task.

Here are some attributes that prove that DJs are unusual musicians, eccentric, unique and diverse in their way.

1.    Unique Styles:

Every DJ in this world has a different style and taste in music. You can take the example of Calvin Harris who is one of the highest paid DJs in the world and compare his DJ’ing style with David Guetta. Both these DJs have their signature styles and are the most heard DJs in the world.

2.    Control the Beats:

The art of playing with the beats is something that can only be performed by a professional DJ. Not all musicians can do that. A DJ knows which two songs to mix and how to match the beats of two entirely different songs. A DJ has full control over the beats, and this is what makes them so entertaining.

3.    Recreating already released songs:

The best attribute that a DJ possesses is that of recreating and reshaping a previously released song. A DJ has the capability of completely changing the song that you’ve heard before and you won’t even know or it will be difficult for you to recognize it. This is due to the art of a DJ to control the beats.

4.    Deep Understanding of Genres:

All of these attributes are a result of this core attribute which is understanding and knowledge. Only when a DJ has thorough knowledge about all the genres, then they can mix and match tunes of different genres. This is the most essential attribute of a DJ that makes them different than other musicians. Make yourself adept with knowledge of various EDM genres here.

5.    Technique:

The technique is another quality that makes a DJ stand out among other musicians. Every DJ has a unique technique that he/she uses to produce new tunes using existing songs. Methods are what makes a DJ different from another DJ.

These are the attributes that are possessed by DJs and qualities that make them different from all other musicians. The most famous DJs known to us include big names such as David Guetta, a French DJ, Calvin Harris, the highest paid DJ, Avicii a very well-known Swedish DJ and many more. Musicians are passionate about their work but a DJ mixing beats, it is a unique sight. People can see the passion in the way he flips his hands on the CDs. They are immersed in their work to make people go gaga over their mixing and dropping of beats.

A DJ, big or small, must always be respected for phenomenal talent and artistic musical skills, just like any other musician. If you get a chance to attend a live performance of a popular DJ, make sure you visit. It is going to be an experience of a life-time.

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