Best Indian EDM Artists - GrooveNexus Exclusive DJ List

DJs are musicians with a magical capability to give music a new incarnation. DJs bring the life to the parties, add boom to the lyrics, and fill the surroundings with a mesmeric aura. Adding the perfect beats to an existing track is a remarkable talent. A DJ matches his musical expression with popular music to create yet another outstanding musical piece. It is more than just getting a hold of beats or refurbishing songs; it is about speaking volumes to your listeners without uttering a single word.
DJs are extraordinarily talented and creative people; they never say no to being stuck in the studio for hours experimenting with their music. Being the best DJs in the world comes at a price. Spending countless days with just their consoles, monitor screens, headphones to up their game in the field is required.
While they are mixing the best DJ tracks for their fans in a race to be one in the top DJs in the country and top DJs in the world, a fan often cannot make out who the best DJs are. Therefore, we at GrooveNexus, aiming to solve your musical dilemma, present to you a DJ ranking list determining who should be at the top, solely based on the audience preference.
Now there’s no waiting to see who the top Indian DJs and best upcoming DJs in the country are. Just cast your vote on this DJ list and see your favorite DJ top the DJ list.
If you think you are befitting to be on this DJ list in India or world and we are missing out on you, create your profile and show the world your mixing expertise. If you know someone befitting this list and we are missing out on them, guide them to the page above to up their DJ’ing game in the digital world.

Rank Artist Genre Location Followers Rating Count Avarage Rating
1MOUSAIDeep house | big roomDelhi 01
2Kamaljeet SinghBig Room, Progressive House, Dubstep, Trap etc.Delhi - NCR, can travel throughout the country11
3DJ DonnaaBollywood, Techno, Commercial, Hip-HopMumbai | Kolkata18
4Rydhm DeePsyTrance, Psychedelic TranceBengaluru32
5DJ JenniferBollywood Dance Music, Electronic Dance Music, HOUSE, CLUB.DELHI NCR.11
6The MaximusBigroom, Progressive House, Future Bounce, Hip HopNew Delhi11
8The Xenial Secret11
9DJ EdgyEDM,Progressive,and ElectroDELHI NCR12
10Chok StarCommercial House, Dutch House, Progressive House, Bigroom, Electro House, TrapNEW DELHI13
11DJ EffectoEDM, Bollywood, Punjabi-popAhmedabad11
12Dj OrochiHip hop,trap,experimental trap,moombah,edm,dubstep,progressive house,electro house,deep house,bigroom,psy trance,pop,commercial & Bollywood’s.etc.Delhi10
13DJ SHKHR Big room, Progressive, and Electro.Delhi-NCR12
14Nishant BenjariElectronic dance music/ Reggaeton/ Hip-Hop/ Dubstep/ Psy-Trance. Gurugram00
15Michael WestonFuture Bass, Electro House, Progressive House, etc.DELHI-NCR, Travels throughout the country22