GrooveNexus Entertainment and Media Services Private Limited is pleased to inform you of the corrective actions taken through this corrections policy. If we find any article that contains some incorrect information on our website, we are aware of our duty to our readers and fully understand that it is our responsibility to make corrections and notify you about it as soon as possible.

GrooveNexus strives to present accurate content to its viewers based on all the information available at the time of publication. When posting an article, we will respond promptly and strive to correct any errors in the materials posted on this site as soon as they are found. As we are a digital content platform, we will either clarify the social media address or suggest the corrections made, detail the error and update with the content.

Updating an article

If any error occurs or if the content is outdated on our fact-check (which is done in accordance with Our Fact-Check Policy) and once it comes to our notice, we update the article accordingly and at the top of the article, we mention in bold “[updated]”. We also provide readers with an option to suggest corrections or recommendations if any in the comment box below every article.

Other Corrections Policies

If a reader finds any mistake and posts it to the comment stream, the community engagement team can indicate in the comment that the error has been fixed. We retract the incorrect information if we cannot alter it.