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Yves Larock

Dont hesitate to spend all your free time making music. If you like it, if you love music, it’s not a job it’s just passion.

The entire dance & music world ended lifting their leg up when you released the track ‘Zookey,’ How did you get into producing music, and was it an easy or a difficult start for you? 

I started music at the end of the 80s as a rap MC but nobody was making instrumentals, so I bought myself an MPC 2000 to make my own sound and little by little I bought material and learned to produce.
It took a long time but when the passion is there, it’s a pleasure. In the early 2000s, I turned to electronic music when I heard Daft Punk’s album.

If not a Music Producer and a DJ, what would have been your alternative career choice?

In Switzerland music is not seen as a very good career choice. I always did it out of passion without ever telling myself that one day I could live off it. My mother always said “music is good but you must have a real job” so I worked for 10 years as a laboratory assistant in biology.

Your track ‘Rise Up’ was a smashing hit, and it created ripples across the Industry with twenty number ones worldwide. The tune is so catchy that till today it lifts the mood and infuses positivity in the listener’s mind (including mine, I am a great fan of the music and the video BTW).
What was the inspiration behind this track, and did you imagine this track to achieve so much popularity? 

It’s great to hear that you still like the track, thank you so much, I really appreciate that 🙂 When I did ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Zookey’, I was making music without thinking, I was just making what I liked. I made the instrumental and then I asked my friend Jaba if he felt motivated to sing on the track.
He said yes and so we met up in the studio to record his vocal. When we finished, of course, we liked the song but we never in a million years imagined it would be such a worldwide success, that’s the magic of music! 

In 2007, digital platforms were still evolving and becoming famous. However, your track ‘Zookey’ and ‘Rise up’ achieved so much reach without utilizing the potential outreach of these platforms. What do you think was the reason behind it?

I think that the labels that signed the track really believed in this song and they invested well in the promo. It was also really supported by a lot of DJs and so it started as a hit club before going mainstream. 

What was the inspiration behind ‘Here we go,’ the official anthem for the 2020 Ice Hockey World Championships? Is this the first time you have collaborated with Bastian Baker? How did you guys come together for this project? 

Bastian Baker is a very famous singer here in Switzerland and I’d wanted to work with him for a while. I contacted him and we met up in the studio with just the simple intention of making music. Sometime after that, we were commissioned to make the anthem for the World Cup and we saw each other in the studio again and this time we created ‘Here We Go’. 

DOWNLOAD | STREAM: ditto.fm/herewego

For the music lovers, anything else you want to share about your upcoming songs or performances in 2020?

This last year I’ve actually spent a lot of time in the studio to re-learn to produce because the sound has changed enormously and I thought I knew everything … error!
In music, you have to learn and question yourself every day but now I’m happy with what I produce and I have lots of new songs due to come out. This year I should be putting out about 1 song per month and also more club tracks.

If you could choose any artist (living or dead) to collaborate with, who would it be?

There are so many! I’m a fan of Sia and The Weekend but also loving African music enormously I would love to make a track with Salif Keita.

What has been the greatest or the most memorable experience for you so far?

When I played at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco. It was crazy to play in front of so many people.

Which has been your best performance to date, and where was it?

India actually! After Rise Up came out I did a mini-tour in India and I really did not expect such a welcome. I did not think that my music could please as much around the world and it was a real joy to see just how so many people there had connected with the track, very special for me.

Who is your inspiration when producing music?

I listen to music every day, in all different styles and I find that there are so many incredibly talented young producers that it motivates me to keep my game up with theirs 🙂 

When not producing music, where can we find you?

There is only one thing more important than music in my life, my daughter, so if I am not in the studio, I’m busy taking care of her. I try to educate her and in these current times, I’m her real teacher! I try to teach her to read, write and count… a very difficult job.

Any plans of coming back to India again and performing for the music lovers here?

Nothing is planned for the moment but I dream of coming back to play in India, I have already been 3 times and each time it was incredible … so if you guys want me there, I’m ready!

The world is facing such a difficult time with the pandemic affecting so many people and businesses, including the music industry, do you have any message for everyone at this tough time?

Human beings have an amazing ability to adapt to new situations, even the most difficult ones. I hope that we will learn from our mistakes but in the meantime, you have to stay at home to protect those at risk. One Love <3 

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