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Based in Indore, India, MÜNE is an upcoming electronic musician who’s making some big news in the music industry. Born Pranay Sharma, MÜNE started producing music after being inspired by the sounds of Ed Sheeran, Avicii, and Kygo meanwhile producing his own unique sounds.

25 years old, born in June 1994, MÜNE started producing music in 2016. He says,

Feel my music and it will take you into another world.

Let us get to know this prodigious upcoming Indian EDM artist as he gets all candid, exclusively on GrooveNexus.

Q: MÜNE, an interesting name, what’s the story behind?

There’s nothing fancy about it, but it is the English name of the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, Osiris. It was chosen randomly as I used to read a lot about ancient Egypt and its stories. So yes, that could be an inspiration behind it.

Q: What did you aspire to be when young? When did you start music production?

When young, I used to watch an anime called “Naruto.” I was indeed attached with that anime emotionally and learned a lot about life from that. Moreover, the series had great music. My curiosity about making music came from that. Back in school, sometime in 2012, I began researching on music production. I went to cyber cafes to learn the basics, as then I didn’t have my own system.

I’m a self-learner; after four years of rigorous research, I tried my hands on FL Studio. Avicii was a huge inspiration, so was Ed Sheeran. I have several unreleased tracks of their remixes which I sharpened my skills with.

So, I can conclude by saying that, I always wanted to make music, even when young.

Q: You recently released a remix for Wallows. How was the response? Tell us something about this track, your inspiration behind it, and more.

“Are you bored yet?” is an Alternative genre song. When I first heard it, I automatically got this other version in my head; the funkier one. I’m really obsessed with nu-disco kind of feel, bass, and beat; therefore, I created my remix by mixing funk and nu-disco elements.

Hear below, MÜNE remix of “Are you bored yet?”

Q: Most producers are known for their unique styles. What is it about you that makes you different from other producers?

After the release of my debut single in 2017, Sad Boy, people compared me with a lot of great producers like Odesza, Kaso, Petit Biscuit, etc. However, I have even heard people say to me that I have got my unique sounds and style.

I would say that my music doesn’t fall in one specific genre, but it is, more or less, a blend of chill and chillwave.

Q: What has been the greatest or the most memorable experience for you, so far?

It has to be when Lowly Palace signed my second single, ‘Lie Over You,’ with Zack Gray. He did an amazing job on vocals, and this also made me the only Indian to be ever featured on the Chill Nation label. I signed with them, later it aired on the Indian music channel VH1 India.

Q6. If you could choose any musician (living or dead) to collaborate with, who would it be?

I desperately want Avicii to come back to the land of the living and collaborate with me for a track. I would also love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran.

Q: What is the one track that never gets old for you, no matter how many times you hear it?

Has to be, Avicii – Wake Me Up

Q: One big-end, dream-come-true music festival is inviting you to enrapture the audience. Which one would it be?

Glastonbury Music Festival at Somerset, England.

Q: When not MÜNE, where can we find Pranay Sharma? 

At my home, relaxing!

Q: If not a music producer, what would have been your alternative career choice?

I would have been an actor or an archaeologist.

Q: Recommend us two upcoming artists of contemporary times, who, you feel, deserve attention.

I would recommend people to hear out the deadly combination of MÜNE and Zack Gray.

Q: Ten years down the line where do you see yourself?

Inspiring people with my music and making more and more new music. Pushing myself off my limits to make unique sounds, and of course, playing live shows and traveling to every country possible.

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