Tête-à-Tête with Kalrav Sarojwal

Kalrav Sarojwal

The owner of a multi-featured hat, Kalrav Sarojwal, the person behind many music pieces at Balaji, is in an exclusive conversation with GrooveNexus.
Let’s get chatty with him!

Q. We know Kalrav Sarojwal as a singer as well as a music producer. Which one of the two do you associate more with yourself?

I associate equally with music production and singing. These two things go together, hand in hand to make a composition beautiful and soulful.

Q. How did Balaji happen? How has the journey been?

It’s purely the result of hard work and efficient work. I have been in contact with various artists and musicians for almost eight years. Hence, Balaji got to see my profile and liked my work. Therefore, they offered me a project with them. The journey has been with an excellent learning curve, incredible, and sometimes challenging; that has pushed me further to bring out the best of my creativity. Also, the atmosphere is very dynamic and professional to work in.

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Q. Is there a particular incident that inspired you to become a music producer? How did you identify the musician hidden inside you? What did you aspire to be when really young?

My father used to be a multi-instrumentalist and a composer, I have seen him performing and jamming since I was a toddler. I aspired to grow up and be like him. I realized, at a very young age, that I have music inside of me, just like my father.

Since childhood, I used to aspire to perform for television/films. It was my biggest dream to get associated with this industry. When I was in school, my mother got me a guitar, and I started learning it on my own because I was so passionate about it. With this, perhaps, I thought of getting into music production and begun experimenting with fellow musician friends. Gradually, I started performing for friends and family, as a solo artist and eventually began getting recognition in school and college.

Q. So, a prodigy was born! What according to you was the turning point in your music career? Something that shaped your music career.

Getting associated with Balaji helped my music career shape up. I was working for a private company in Delhi when I had to decide to move to Mumbai and get associated with Balaji for their project. I still thank my mother for supporting me at that phase of my life. After moving to Mumbai, I connected to the right people who boosted my career in the right way.

Q. Do you agree that achievements are the stepping stones to ultimate success? What according to you is your most significant achievement till date?

Yes, achievements are indeed the stepping stones to success. Every achievement of mine pushes me to do even better.
I formed a band in Delhi with my friends, and we started to perform and promote ourselves. In 2012, we (as a band) won the ‘Coolest Band of India’ title by Planet Radio City, which helped me in associating with big media and PR companies. I would call it the most significant achievement so far because my band ranked as one in the top five conventional bands of Delhi at that time.

Q. The music industry has a plethora of talented music producers and singers who have the voice of a nightingale? Who do you look up to?

Yes, the music industry has a plethora of talented artists. Actually, the market has gone so vast and diverse that it is difficult to say who’s good and who’s better. I believe everyone is doing their best in their own way. Adding to that, I’d say that I look up to A. R. Rahman and Amit Trivedi for their versatility.

Q. Do you follow a strict creative regime? Is there a creative process you go through before composing a song/music piece?

Yes, I do follow a creative regime to keep myself competent for the dynamic market. I do regular vocal practice, I also follow the fundamental process of drafting a song/composition as a scratch and then refining it, till it gives me goosebumps.

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Q. Not every musician becomes a music producer; it has a very challenging streak to it. Have you been through any musical blocks? Was there a time when you questioned your career choice?

I have been through musical blocks. There have been various downfalls, times when I was rejected, out of work, had no money,  etc. I also questioned my career choice. But before I thought of quitting, I asked myself “why I start”, “what gives me life”, “what is that one thing that I can do the best” and the answer that I got was always ‘music’.

Q. 2019 has just begun, what do your musical notes have in store for us?

Various singles are coming up this year, also some international music tours. Stay tuned!


Q. Very well then! One music festival is calling Kalrav to perform, which one is it and what is your ultimate zenith?

A.Well, that’s going to be the International Festival of Country music at Wembley. I would love to perform at Wembley Stadium.

My ultimate zenith is to see my name in the list of best-known singers/music directors of the world, to look at my songs topping the Billboard chart, & my last wish is to bring home a Grammy award.

Q. Ten years from now, where does Kalrav Sarojwal see himself?

As an internationally known top-rated artist.

Q. Where would we find Kalrav when he is not producing music or singing?

A.I loved this question! You can find Kalrav tending to the customers in his own multi cuisine restaurant and counting money.

Q. Aspiring musicians on the block, a word of advice for them?

Have patience and tenacity to pursue your passion. Make connections with the right people and never waste time.

Q. Kalrav Sarojwal must have a huge fan following, any message for them?

A.Keep loving and supporting my work, I assure that I will keep surprising you with my music.

Q. How do you feel about your association with GrooveNexus? A word or two for us?

A.I feel proud and honored to be associated with GrooveNexus. It is a brilliant initiative in the music industry. I loved the idea of bringing the artists to the right platform which will ultimately protect and nurture their Music.

To stay connected with the musical genius that Kalrav Sarojwal is, follow his artistry.

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