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Diamond Eyes

Diamond Eyes returns with an uplifting future bass that carries a juxtaposing lyrical thread. For Diamond, music became a “place of vulnerability” where he could be utterly honest and open with himself as he progressed through intense therapy.

In conversation with – Diamond Eyes

Your new single ‘Gravity’ is about to get released in another 2 days. How do you feel about it? And, returning to NCS label. What do you have to say about that?

Diamond: I’m super pumped & at the same time nervous. Gravity Is probably my most real & ‘raw’ record to date & talks about a very vulnerable time in my life but I hope fans listen to it & connect to the emotion in the track. I’m excited to be back on NCS again, the guys behind the label are all incredibly hard-working & talented individuals. 

I can see that you have poured your heart into this new single. Would you like to share what inspired you to write ‘Gravity’?

Diamond: Gravity was inspired by a time in my life where everything became overwhelming & I was struggling to stay afloat. It was about how I got through that stage & came out better for it.

Regarding your personal life, everyone has heard about what happened a few years back. How difficult was it for you to get back up and start working on your music again?

Diamond: Honestly, it wasn’t difficult as I decided to step away & focus on myself first. After I felt like I was in a better place the confidence to start getting out there again came back by itself! Everything in our lives takes time, It’s about understanding the importance of your own wellbeing that can make all the difference.

The music industry has a new and upcoming artist every other day and you never know when someone might make it big out there. While you took time for yourself, did you ever feel you are being left behind? Or feared that you won’t be able to catch up?

Diamond: Of course! The music industry is a cut-throat place, people coming up, people fading out, etc… The most important thing I told/tell myself is that if you always do music for the right reasons, the right people will eventually listen to it. You just have to survive & thrive in your own light.

People will be able to connect to ‘Gravity’ on a personal level. Maybe because everyone goes through tough times. And, it takes a while to get back on our feet, and face reality. What is your message to all your fans and the public in general, who are struggling to pick themselves up? and move on from difficult situations?

Diamond: Be kind to yourself, your mind, body & spirit are the most valuable things you’ll ever own so look after them & nurture them. Look after yourself & regarding problems, take them one chapter at a time & don’t try to solve multiple problems at once.

Learn your emotions & understand why you feel the way you do, it’s commonplace to overlook such things in this day & age but being confident in your emotions can be the make or break in how full of a life you lead. Lastly, tell those you hold dear that you love them & how much they mean to you, life is short & love is free. 

How did your journey with NCS begin? And, what do you have to say about your collaboration with them?

Diamond: It all started with UKF’s finest ‘Sampo’ who was asking me if I had made any new tunes lately & I sent him a bunch, notably a song called ‘Everything’. He listened to it & instantly told me to go speak with NCS & how perfect he thought it’d be for that label. From there it’s been a brilliant relationship & one I hope only gets stronger with time.

Also, read all about his recent release ‘Gravity’ here, and how his personal life influenced him to come up with this uplifting single.

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