I fully allow myself to be in the moment when I sing and perform: Tilda Allie tells GrooveNexus 

Tilda Allie

Tilda Allie, a Swedish music producer, vocalist, and visual artist based in Southeast London, explores alternative soundscapes mixed with electronic pop, soul, jazz, and cinematic music. Tilda combines thought-provoking visuals and dark but soulful melodies to captivate the audience’s senses. Tilda’s Infectious stage energy and emotional performances mirror the powerful vulnerability in her voice.

In an exclusive interview with Ashita Chawla of GrooveNexus, the singer opens about her artistry, locking the jazz chords with a passionate heart and embracing her reality.

Ashita: Since you were born in Sweden, how has your musical grooming been in the UK?

Tilda: It’s been amazing; I discovered a lot of music coming over here. I had predominantly grown up listening to my dad’s records, which included many of the Beatles, soul, Swedish folk music and jazz, and a lot of blues, etc.

I was a virgin when it came to R&B and hip-hop. Even soul and jazz took me a while to fall in love with. But you can’t move to London and not fall in love with these genres. Therefore, I have a powerful Nordic influence and melancholy pop hooks.

Obscure music and more experimental stuff were part of my upbringing, as my family had a big passion for the arts and always had a thing for the out of the ordinary.

Ashita: Who has been your greatest guide, support & source of inspiration in music?

Tilda: Such a difficult question as it can mean various things; musically, it’s always been, Björk. She is uniquely creative, unaware of how she’s taught me to create freely and not fear going to a new place with sounds and ideas. But as a person or mentor in my life, several people believed in me, which helped me move forward in music. I am lucky to have a family that thinks the world of me. But also, specific tutors that have seen my passion for music at university helped.

Most of all, I loved music too much to give it up because it is something I must frequently do daily to feel good. It’s like eating, sleeping, or exercising. It’s part of my way of being here, and that’s guided me the most to inspire and support this journey.

Ashita: Could you tell us about the creative process of the journey that led to your latest single – ‘Say No!’

Tilda: Many of the songs are made at the moment, sparked by an emotion that needs to be expressed. Therefore, much of my writing is unplanned, and I need an idea before starting. I just start and allow whatever I feel to come out in whatever way it wants. Therefore, much of the recorded vocals are improvs on top of the music I created. I like to leave it raw, and most of them keep the original takes and then layer Bvs on sections. It’s a backward way of working, but that’s how my brain works.

Ashita: If you get a chance to collaborate with someone. Who would it be, and why?

Tilda: I would’ve loved to collaborate with Esbjörn Svensson Trio. He really embodies something so classically Swedish in jazz. The way he incorporates industrial sounds and electronic sounds is always so inspiring. Such a shame he is not alive any longer.

Ashita: What is your sense of expression trying to convey via your songs?

Tilda: I let go when I sing and perform, I fully allow myself to be in the moment. If I give the audience and the listener a sense of release, they may also let go. I convey that in my music and my songs.

Ashita: Crazy things keep happening, mainly when you perform. Tell us about your craziest moment that occurred while performing.

Tilda: I was left alone to headline one of the stages at Brighton Pride when my guitarist didn’t turn up. This was the beginning of my learning to produce and why I began to perform without a band.

Ashita: What’s your mission as a music artist?

Tilda: I am trying to permit myself to be who I truly am in music, to promote this simple idea that if we all loved ourselves a little more, the world would be better. Authenticity and vulnerability wrapped up into one; that is what my music is all about. It can give the listener a sense of courage to be just the same. Let go of the shallowness and have the courage to share ourselves with the world.

Ashita: Apart from music, we’ve seen you experimenting with your fashion statement. How did you think of bringing about the change?

Tilda: I love art in all its forms, so it was a natural patch for me to walk down to try and make something out of my prints. I run a little Faces business that focuses on one-line face drawings. All represent different moods we go through and may struggle to vocalize.

Ashita: When not making music, where can we find you?

Tilda: At the gym. If I don’t move, I go just as nuts as I don’t sing.

Ashita: Your message to the readers of GrooveNexus.

Tilda: There is no past nor any future. All that exists is this moment. Learn how to cherish it before it’s gone.

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