10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez 

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Hollywood actors are quite voguish among the teen audience and Selena Gomez is no exception. She has built a reputation for achieving fame at a very young age. Apart from dating Justin Bieber, the singer-cum-actress has made headlines for various other reasons. 

Today, we are spilling out some of the most interesting facts about Selena. We bet you didn’t know some of them. Thus, keep reading and discovering what makes her a sensational icon in the world.   

10 Surprising Facts About Selena Gomez 

1. She starred alongside Demi Lovato in “Barney and Friends”

Selena’s entry as a singer rang the bell for most fans. They remembered seeing the innocent face somewhere around the television. In the early 2000s, Selena starred in the popular kids show “Barney and Friends”. The gigantic purple dinosaur was her affiliate for quite a long time. She worked alongside Demi Lovato, who happens to be her longtime friend.  

2. Selena’s name was borrowed from a Mega-Star

This might come as a shock to many but it’s true. The singing sensation was named after Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was a famous Latino singer. Selena’s parents made her listen to a lot of songs composed by the late singer. She has often expressed her affection towards Quintanilla and remorses the fact that they never had a physical meeting.   

3. “13 Reasons Why” was executively produced by her.

Apart from functioning as a singer and an actor, Selena has also exercised executive production on a popular Netflix Original. “13 Reasons Why” has always remained her passion project and she has worked back and forth to make the show a complete success. The leading lady of the show told how the Kill Em’ With Kindness singer would work the entire day on set and used to hang out with each cast member. This emphasises Selena’s grounded nature.  

4. Selena has created quite a buzz for her affairs.

The Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez relationship needs no introduction. The duo has continued an on-and-off affair for quite a while. However, Bieber was not the only popular personality she dated. There were more! Yes, you heard it right. 

Selena also happens to date Nick Jonas, who is both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s ex. However, the latter is her best friend while the former has always treated her as a rival.  

5. Owner of a leading beauty brand

Fashion and beauty enthusiasts have surely heard of the brand “Rare Beauty”. But guess who is the curator of such a flourishing beauty line? It is again Selena Gomez. Besides, the popular clothing brand “Dream Out Loud” also belongs to the leading lady. Singing is her passion, but we can surely summarise that she is also a dedicated businesswoman. 

6. Entitled as the youngest ambassador of UNICEF.

Selena was only 17 when she became the youngest ambassador of UNICEF. After being entitled to the same, she shared how 25,000 kids die every other day for ignorant causes. She further lends her support to UNICEF and believes in bringing down the number to zero. For this activity, she was highly applauded by her fans.  

7. She had to deal with depression.

The happy face had to undergo anxiety and depression for a long time. Selena Gomez is always vocal about how she suffered panic attacks and how it took so long for her to recover. For five years straight, she suffered from chronic depression and most of them were caused by the hate she received online. This was also the time when Selena started taking continuous breaks from the world of social media.  

8. Selena is a peacemaker.

Selena’s breakup with Justin Bieber had an impact on her career. Things started getting worse when Bieber married Hailey Baldwin (now Bieber). Hailey Bieber has tried her best to defame Gomez to the point where fans turned up against her. However, Selena never did anything that would simply worsen things. In fact, she asked her fans to stop spreading hate on social media and not to make things difficult for Hailey. Isn’t she a peacemaker? 

9. New York has her heart!

If Gomez is to be believed, she can absolutely disappear in NYC. Whenever she is in the town, Selena follows a rigorous workout schedule and visits her favourite places to gulp coffee. Referring to her documentary named “Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me”, she said she wants people to know more about it.  

10. Selena says that she only uses TikTok on her phone.

While it might be a surprise for most of her fans, Selena only uses TikTok among other social media accounts. She says it is the only application that is “a little less hostile” in comparison to others. Her assistant is responsible for carrying out activities on her other social media handles. That’s how it works for Sel! 


Selena never fails to impress her fans. From her social media posts to lifestyle influences, everything is worth watching. We hope these facts about her enlightened you more about your favourite star. Keep connected to us if you wish to know more about celebrities. In the comment box below, let us know which was your favourite part of the article.  

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