Here are few things you didn’t know about Quintino!


Quinten van den Berg, alias Quintino, is a Dutch DJ and record producer with half Filipino roots. His net worth is of 6 million dollars. One of the driving forces in the global Electronic Dance Music scene today, Quintino rocketed to stardom with the release of his platinum-selling single with Sandro Silva ‘Epic’, in 2011. He is somebody who keeps exploring new aspects of music and bringing to the forefront some amazingly compiled records. The talented producer has joined hands with some of the big shots like Tiësto and Afrojack, and is signed by the world’s largest dance label  Spinnin’ Records.

DJ Quintino is somebody whose career has witnessed a boost year by year.

For sure,  Quintino  seems unstoppable,

“I want to take things further, whether it’s the music or specially prepared shows,” he emphasizes.

“My performance has become so much more than the DJ stuff I started with. I’m in the big league now and want to present myself as the artist that I am. So, lots of ambition here, I’m only getting started.”

Do you know that DJ Quintino is bicultural?

In an interview with DJ Mag, on being asked about something unknown, DJ Quintino went on to talk about his roots. He added that his mother is half Filipino and he has Filipino blood.

It was at the young age of 18 that he began DJ’ing. He started as a resident DJ at Drai’s Las Vegas Nightclub and Beach Club, one of the most visited clubs in Vegas. From there, he continued ranking up to the Top 100 DJs of DJ Mag.

Manila and its people have a special place in his heart. He is all mouths when it comes to expressing his love for Manila. Somewhere in the middle of playing sick beats during his performance at Xylo, he told the loud crowd how much he loves the Philippines and that he treats Manila as his second home. Manila, is the one such place where he wants to keep coming back.

Steve Aoki Afrojack and Hardwell

Quintino has worked closely with other music producers like Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Hardwell. His 2018 releases, including his collaboration with Steve Aoki titled “Mayhem,” are all streaming successes with more than 70 million streams on Spotify alone.

It was Quintino who bombarded the music scene with his recent releases such as Go Hard, Good Vibes, How It’s Done, along with his collaborations that made the crowd go wild and induced a groove that nobody could resist.

At the time when he was still an aspiring DJ, he had only enough money to buy five pieces a month. In an interview, he stated,

“I started to play with vinyl’s back in the day, and I always had to be super selective when choosing records because I only had a certain amount of money to spare]and could only pick five pieces month. It was so hard to pick only five.”

He has a finger on the pulse and knows what could work for music enthusiasts. When his first number 1 hit went platinum in Holland, he knew the vocals were so fine for him to use in his sets, that he bootlegged them, and bam, he was right! It ended up as one of the most downloaded ringtones of the year.

On the days when he is not performing or working in his studio, he ends up crashing random bars with his friends. He once said,

“When I have a day off (that doesn’t happen often), I always go out with my close friends to random bars we don’t know and take shots. These random meetups always ended up getting us the craziest stories afterward.”

He has a fetish for socks; he doesn’t need a reason to buy new socks. Socks are something that makes him happy, and he considers buying socks as his crazy habit.

Quintino is a big-time fan of Charlie Sheen and his show Two and a Half Men. The show never disappoints him. For the past three years, he has been binge-watching on this show. This show offers him a dose of entertainment while traveling.

He is a big prankster and is always on the lookout for prey. But the funny part is, he gets scared with even the slightest efforts, so people close to him know exactly how to get back to him. 

He was the lead in his school musical, and according to him, he was terrible at it. In a conversation, he went on talking about his experience of the school musical. He added,

“I was holding a book (I played a teacher), and in that book, I wrote all of my lines, so if you watch the recording of the play, you can see me reading.” 

qu2 150x150 1

Food cooked by mom is a gateway to heaven and lets you forgive everything. Talking about what is it that he craves for immediately after his concert or tours. He said,

“Well, something you don’t know about me is that I always go home after a tour straight to my mom’s place and eat some of her homemade chicken at my place or hers. It’s my tradition of coming home, and it never disappoints.”

There is something not many people know about him; he always confuses words like Tuesday and Thursday. Words like these always get him every time. In an Interview, he talked about his confusion with words.

Reverie- Annual Cultural Fest of Gargi College

“I always confuse words; it’s something not a lot of people know. For example, Tuesday and Thursday…gets me every time.”

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