I want to be a Musician – This Stubbornness Changed Jordan’s Life.

Name  Yash Talwar
Also known as Jordan
GENRE  Bollywood, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, Blues
Social Link  Not Find Not Find youtube
LOCATION   Delhi  
Height 6 feet 
Occupation(s) Lyricist, Music Composer, Rapper
Years active 2016-Present


Jordan, aka Yash Talwar, is a Lyricist, Music composer, Rapper, and a Copywriter by profession. With some 33 independent songs released to date, he’s all set to bang into the mainstream music industry with a bag full of talent, versatility, and sheer hard work.  

Early Life:  

Yash was born and raised in a joint family full of Punjabis. While his intelligence was never the subject of much speculation due to having multiple cousins, he was often underestimated for not being too good at his studies. It wasn’t until he was 11 that his mom finally paid attention to what he wanted to do with his life when he announced to her, “I want to be a musician.” She said, “How are you going to put food on the table?” To which Yash replied, “Mom… I’m going to be a musician.”  


Moving to New Delhi to pursue higher education was a life-changing decision. He got himself admitted to the renowned film school ‘AAFT.’ He decided that he would never look back in life and start afresh. His passion for writing led him to work at a local radio station, where his friend admired his prowess and insisted that he put it on YouTube for aspiring musicians like himself to see.  

This journey never seems to let up as ‘ROOH’ becomes his first song in 2018-2019 to cross the 100k views mark. After that, songs like ‘INTEQAAM’ and ‘REHNE DE’ became the most celebrated. It gave him the recognition he truly deserved. In 2020, He released a song titled HERO, a tribute to ‘Sonu Sood’ for all the efforts he had put in for the needy during the pandemic phase. That song made its way into Sonu Sood’s hands-on day two of its release, an important moment for Jordan. After that, he penned ‘ZINDA HAI,’ which was a tribute to the legendary actor ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ who inspired many with his work and whose fans helped propel his scene at the pinnacle of stardom. Both ‘HERO’ and ‘ZINDA HAI’ took over social media by storm and were shared hugely by netizens everywhere who wanted their voices to be heard! The songs may only have lakhs of views apiece on social media but were posted by numerous anonymous pages who brought them into the limelight above all else.  

 Jordan released only one song titled ‘KHO GAYE’ in 2021. It became a hit because it sounded great, but he had to stop releasing songs after that because, in 2022, he had bigger plans…  

Upcoming Releases:  


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