Dhruv Angrish, the Superstar Singer of Chandigarh

Dhruv Angrish

An Engineer turned singer, Dhruv Angrish is somebody who makes us believes in chasing our dreams. It was at the age of 14 when Dhruv realized his passions for music, and since then music became his true calling. By 17, he began composing music and writing songs. His hold of music got so amazingly profound that he got addicted to being a composer and decided to give away his well-paying Engineering job. He was thereby making his foothold on the second boat to give a reason to his life.

The Chandigarh-based singer-songwriter is one-man-army who never shies away from experimenting with various genres of Music. From English soft rock to metal, or alternativepopbluesIndian or Sufi, he has tried it all. Dhruv Angrish loves working his way through music, keen lyrics and modulating vocals with his best foot being the melody.


Angrish has been an entertainer from the past eight years. He showcased his talent as a vocalist and a rhythm guitarist for two bands. After composing music and writing innumerous songs for almost a decade, he released his first single “MAIN HOON CHALA” in September 2016. Thus, marking the beginning of his journey. The track was released on all online spaces like iTunes, Spotify, OkListen, etc.

Following “MAIN HOON CHALA”, Angrish released his second single “TONIGHT” in December 2016. We, at Groovenexus especially like his radio edit track “JAA CHUKA HU MAIN”.

Dhruv, very recently performed at Horn OK Please Food Festival. His gig was an immediate crowd puller, and to our amazement garnered the maximum number of eyeballs. He performed a medley of a few classics of Hindi music industry like Zara Zara (which was drool-worthy in a male-voice), the Maroon5 chartbuster song (which he dedicated to all the ladies in the house) ‘Girls Like You’ and one of his original compositions.

Have a glimpse of his performance below.


GENREEnglish Pop, Blues, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Sufi Rock, Indian Classical Music
CONTACT[email protected]
LOCATION Chandigarh, Travels for Shows

Apart from music, his innate interest lies in ridding, writing and sharpening his photography skills. He happens to be an ardent fan of Papon and Arijit Singh. Jason Mraz, Ryan Tedder, Adele, and James Blunt have also cast their influence on him.

This one who can easily make anyone fall in love with his voice is currently working on new projects that we are hoping to release soon.

Follow this super singer for some freshly ripened music, we promise you that it won’t be disappointing!

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