BTS Jungkook Biography, Net Worth, Height, Facts, Family, and Dating 

Jungkook Birthday: September 1, 1997 

Jungkook Age: 25 Years 

Sun Sign: Virgo 

Also Known As: Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jeong-Guk 

Born Country: South Korea 

Born In: Busan, South Korea 

Famous As: Lead Vocalist of the South Korean Musical Band, Bangtan Sonyeondan 

Rappers K-Pop Singers 

Jungkook Height: 5’10” (178 cm) 

Jungkook Brother: Jeon Jung Hyun (Older Brother) 

Jungkook Net Worth- $20 Million 

Who is BTS Jungkook? 

BTS Jungkook, whose real name is Jeon Jeong-Guk, is the lead singer, dancer, and rapper of the South Korean musical band Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. He is the youngest member of this hip-hop group which additionally has Kim Taehyung, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Suga, and J-Hope. A part of BTS starting around 2013, the young man is famous among the youth and elevates the crowd during shows with his raps and dance moves. Jungkook is exceptionally talented, and this is the reason for being so young he has gotten an immense fan following and popularity in South Korea as well as other Asian nations also.  

Furthermore, we need to specify most of his songs and videos have become colossal hits. Besides being a talented singer, rapper, and dancer, Jungkook has a charming personality. His appealing looks have additionally added to his prosperity. Surprisingly, the media has no data concerning his dating life!  

BTS Jungkook is a 25-year-old singer; he has long hair, tattoos on his body, and eyebrow piercing which looks fabulous on him. His looks attract young girls; even many Korean boys want to look like him. There are many other most popular K-POP artists also, who are popular and famous among teenagers.  


At 13 years old, BTS Jungkook auditioned for the TV talent show ‘Superstar K’; however, he was rejected. Luckily, coming back, he got offers from eight unique, talented organizations. Before long, he was endorsed by Big Hit Entertainment. At the age of 14, Jungkook learned to dance from Movement Lifestyle. In 2013, he became part of BTS and delivered his debut song, ‘No More Dream’ for’ 2 Cool 4 Skool’. After this, Jungkook, alongside his bandmates, released a few hit collections and songs. The band has done many stages shows and has even visited several countries.  

The band’s success can be seen from the huge fan following and worldwide popularity. And the boy band has additionally been respected with several awards. Some of the awards are from Melon Music Award, Golden Disk Award, Seoul Music Award, and Bonsang Award.  

Coming to BTS Jungkook’s performance projects, he worked together for certain other Korean artists and political leaders for the song ‘One Dream One Korea.’ This song portrays the connection between South Korea and North Korea and the yearning for the unification of the two countries. Additionally, Jungkook was included in Jo Kwon’s music video ‘I’m Da One’ in 2012.  

BTS Jungkook has appeared in numerous TV shows also. He showed up in three episodes of ‘BTS China Job’ in 2014. After two years, he did a couple of TV projects including, ‘Flower Boy Bromance,’ ‘Special MC in Music Core,’ and ‘National Idol Singing Contest.’ Also, in 2016, the singer cum artist dancer became a part of the ‘Flower Crew’ reality program alongside the likes of Jo Se-ho, Yoo Byung-Jae, and Ki Min-Seok.  

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Personal Life  

BTS Jungkook was born with the name Jeon Jeong-guk on September 1, 1997, in Busan, South Korea. He has done his schooling at Baek Yang Middle school and went to Seoul School of Performing Arts. The aspiring musician graduated in February 2017. Among different interests, he adores drawing and playing games, mainly soccer. Jungkook resides with his dad, mom, and elder sibling, Jung Hyun. Other than this, not much data about the singer’s family is known.  


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