Full Life Story of ‘Jimin’ from BTS and Fun Facts at the End – Biography

Real Name Brown  Real Name Park Ji-min 
Most Known Name Jimin 
NicknameChim-Chim, Dolly, Mang-gae 
Birthday 13 October 1995 
Age 26 (in 2022) 
Birthplace Busan, South Korea 
Education High School of Arts 
Nationality South Korean 
Eye color Brown  
Height 5’8.3” in Feet 
Weight 68 kg 
Net worth 26 million 

Who is Park Jimin?

The main dancer and vocalist, Jimin, is a member of the Korean boy band BTS. He is adored for his sweetness and good health. BTS Jimin’s height is 173cm (1.73 m) in metres, 5’8.3″ in feet, and 68 kg in weight. He is a native of Busan, South Korea. He is from a nuclear family, his parents and younger sibling. BTS Jimin mentioned many times that in family, particularly Jimin’s brother, is very important to him. His relationship status is not confirmed yet, but rumors are Jimin and rose are dating. His net worth is estimated to be 26 million dollars.

Now that you know Park Jimin’s age, Jimin height, NetWorth, BTS Jimin’s birthday, let’s know more about his musical journey.

Early Life

BTS Jimin comes from a typical South Korean household in Busan. He was in middle school at the time. He recently graduated from a dancing academy where he studied popping and locking moves. When he started working as a trainee. He was sent to a Korean arts high school where he studied modern dance and was the academy’s top and best student.

BTS Jimin auditioned for an entertainment firm after a teacher suggested it. Now, he is one of the most popular kpop artists. After clearing the auditions, he was employed by Big Hit Entertainment. He is currently a student at a global internet university.

The Rise to Stardom

Nowadays everyone knows what is kpop. Many hardworking artists like Park Jimin made it renowned all over the world. BTS Jimin made his first appearance as the primary dancer of BTS on the published song “No more dream” on June 12, 2013, after being associated with big hit entertainment. He also serves as the band’s lead vocalist. He also performed two solo tracks during this time. The first is “Lie,” which was published in 2016 as part of the album Wings, and the second is “Serendipity,” which was released in 2018 as part of the album Love Yourself. Both songs have sold fifty million copies, which is the most of any k pop solo song after “Psy’s Gentleman.”

There isn’t enough here. Jimin’s song “Promise” was released in 2018, and it is the only song on SoundCloud that has ever received the most views in 24 hours.

He was also awarded the Hwagwan Order in 2018.

Some Interesting Facts About BTS Jimin

  • In a poll conducted by Gallup Korea in 2018, BTS Jimin was named the most perfect idol.
  • Pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae are among his favorite dishes.
  • After seeing a famous singer Rain’s performance, Jimin became interested in singing.
  • BTS Jimin adores his pupils.
  • Kim Tae-Hyung is Jimin’s closest friend (V). With V, he shares everything.
  • Rain, Taeyang, and Chris Brown are his role models.
  • He likes to read comic books and literature.
  • Jimin is a taekwondo black belt.
  • When Jimin was ten years old, he determined that he wanted to be a cool singer
  • He also said in an interview that he prefers girls younger than him for dating.

Final Words

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