Untold facts about DJ Shireen

DJ Shireen

Full Name: Shireen Aida Khan
DJ Shireen Age: 37
DJ Shireen Birthday: 31 July 1985
Sun Sign: Leo
Husband: Hamza Nasir Khan
Net Worth: $1-5 Million
Email: [email protected]

Who is DJ Shireen?

One of India’s most well-known and respected Disk Jockeys, DJ Shireen took the world by storm in 2005, when she was India’s youngest DJ. Shireen’s charismatic presence behind the console soon made her one of the most popular players. Known for being the most innovative artists in the industry, Shireen has earned an impeccable reputation for absolutely rocking audiences both at home and abroad throughout the years.

Early Life

Shireen Aida Khan was born on 31 July 1985 in Kolkata. Ever since she was a kid she loved music. She mentioned in an interview about how she used to listen to music early in the morning when getting ready for school. Even in class, whenever she had 5 minutes free between two periods, she would pop out her walkman and listen to songs which would lead to a scolding from one of her teachers. Shireen did her graduation in English Honors and loved acting then. As an MC in college, she interviewed and introduced a lot of people. The lady was even on TV briefly and got a lot of offers for serials, but chose to not go down that path to instead pursue music.

Music and Career

DJ Shireen began DJ-ing as a hobby when she was 19 years old. Yet in just two years, she qualified for the National Finals of the Times War of DJs, an accomplishment that only revealed the seeds of her remarkable potential. She then identified that music was her calling. Since then, this Workaholic DJ has been spinning records for 10 years, driving crowds mad with her genius ability to make people groove

DJ Shireen has produced a number of independent tracks and commands a large fan following. This is apparent from her Facebook page. With a combination of hard work, commitment, and God-given talent, this DJ who is one of the best female DJs in India, has done quite well. Shireen has won numerous awards as both an actor and an MC. Besides being a great rapper she enjoys playing around with genres such as Electro House, Progressive House, Funky House, Tech House, Bollywood, Hip Hop, and R&B. Shireen’s tracks have been played repeatedly by U.K. radio shows; and she has been gaining more fans there as well.

FreeSpirit Entertainment Pvt Ltd released her first album titled “ONE” (with eight original tracks) on December 15, 2015 through their imprint Jabukka Music. A promotional video is also available for the lead track, ‘Big Bang’. Shireen has become a globally recognized Dj/Producer as a result of this success.

More About DJ Shireen

DJ Shireen is ranked as the No. 1 Female DJ by WEb and amongst the top 10 DJs in India by Exhibit Magazine. She is also the brand ambassador of V-Moda Headphones which is an international brand. Now living in Mumbai, Shireen’s eclectic talents have led her to perform in clubs in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Tanzania, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, to name a few. Many clubs repeat her multiple times, which explains how she has become known as a “Rockstar DJ” and “Club Queen”. In her free time, DJ Shireen likes to travel, read, cook and dabble in photography. Although she loves to listen to music, her favourite genres are slow-romantic Bollywood songs, R&B, Progressive House, Soft Rock, Hip Hop and Deep House. Her three favourite artists are will.i.am, Timbaland, A.R. Rahman.

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