DJ Rezz missed work to attend music festivals!

DJ Rezz

A young Rezazadeh moved to Canada after being raised in Ukraine by her Ukrainian mother and Iranian father. While in high school, she worked at the Niagara Falls Hard Rock. She was dismissed for skipping work to attend weekend music festivals. DJ Rezz was inspired by the Toronto music scene when she first began out. She visited Toronto to see artists such as Bassnectar and Pretty Lights.
She was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She chose to become a music producer after witnessing Canadian musician Deadmau5 perform live. Her debut album, Mass Manipulation, received recognition as the best electronic album of 2017 at the Juno Awards. Her dark, dreary vibe is well-known in electronic music. Rezz’s bio covers information on the personal and professional background of this female DJ and her current net worth, and other aspects.

Early Life

In order to attend festivals and other live performances, she frequently missed work, especially on weekends. Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar were the artists whose dubstep shows she saw while she visited Toronto. As a result of her performances, she developed a bold style of dressing.
Rezz became DJ Rezz at the age of 16, spinning other people’s music. Deadmaus5’s live performance inspired her to begin composing music. An American record producer named Skrillex discovered her through a blog and followed her on Twitter, where she was able to communicate with him.

DJ Rezz remains single till date even though there was speculation that she was seeing DJ Lucil, The Alien, in early 2020.

Net worth, Height, weight, and chronological age

Born on March 28, 1995, we leave the calculations up to you to figure out DJ Rezz age. Her height and weight are listed as 1.67m and 52kg. DJ Rezz’s net worth has been estimated at $3 million.


Rezz spends a lot of time editing videos on her computer before submitting them on SoundCloud. Nest’s debut track, “Insurrection,” was released in 2015. Deadmau5’s record label named Mau5trap signed her later in the same year. The compilation album “We are friends” was also released in 2015, and her second song, Serenity, was included in it.

“Something Wrong Here,” her follow-up to her debut EP, The Silence Is Deafening, was released in October 2016. Her EP was ranked 19th on the Billboard Dance Charts. Deadmau5’s record label, Mau5trap, announced in 2017 that DJ Rezz’s whole studio album would be released in 2018. A music video for “Relax” was uploaded on YouTube and shared widely to promote the album’s release. This album, Mass Manipulation, was released digitally in August 2017 and on vinyl later that year.
In August that year, her record company released Witching Hour and the second track, Hex, which she had collaborated with L788-L, before Certain Kind Of Magic.

The latest updates

The summer 2018 release ‘Certain Kind of Magic’ reflects REZZ’s sound and artistic evolution. The song Falling, a collaboration between Rezz and Underoath, was released in June 2019, while a month later, she released an EP Beyond the Senses. According to DJ Mag, Rezazadeh’s ability to “walk the fine line between want and tension” is on full display on the CD’s eight tracks. Billboard, Mixmag, and Dancing Astronaut have all given DJ Rezz high marks for her pioneering work in the industry.

This DJ Rezz tour was in support of the new record and included two nights at The Shrine in Los Angeles and a sold-out Red Rocks show in Colorado.

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