All About DJ and Production Duo- Project 91

Sunil Sindagi and Anil Singagi

Names : Sunil Sindagi and Anil Singagi
Stage Name : Project 91

Sunil Sindagi and Anil Sindagi, or SUN & ABS, are Indian EDM DJ and Production Duo who have been polishing their craft for almost a decade. Their distinct style, developed via a mix of musical enthusiasm, production ability, and their native country’s dynamic dance music industry, has launched them into the EDM Premier League and earned them global recognition from artists such as Hardwell, and Quintino, Karim Mika, and Moe Aly. They quickly thrashed a huge number of applicants to finish in the Top 10 of Hardwell’s Mad World Remix Competition with their stunning interpretation of their own hit, Pune 52, which received massive praise from India’s number one spinner, DJ Nyk, and a host of others including Ed Mercy, Thermal Project, and DJ Kawal.

Sunil is a sound engineer, and Anil is a DJ, therefore the duo compliments each other brilliantly, whether in the studio or live on stage. SUN & ABS are as skilled at crafting party rocking anthems as well as spinning them to sold-out events.

Project 91 is the artistic outlet of multi-instrumentalist Dan-Sebastian Ungureanu, who pioneered the Bucharest instrumental industrial music movement. Project 91 hopes to make a quiet entry into unexplored terrain in the local scene with its maiden digital release. From November 17th through December 22nd, 2012, the band released weekly tracks on their YouTube site, with a music video and retail release following shortly after.

The chaotic music of Project 91 combines orchestral instruments, gritty synthesisers, and distorted guitars in an attempt to meld raw digital components with symphonic sensibilities.

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