DJ Paper Queen known for her Inventive remixes

DJ Paper Queen

DJ Paper Queen may be fresh to India’s EDM industry, but she’s no less talented than any of the pros. She is anxious to show herself and become the brightest new artist to debut in the flourishing Indian music market, with her goal of setting foot on the big stage. Mentored by the legendary DJ Uri (UK), she attended an intensive 6-month DJ course learning to become very versatile in the art of DJ’ing and be able to play comfortably on Vinyls, CD’s & Controllers.
DJ Paper Queen is a rising DJ who has swiftly established a fan base in the DJ scene. She is well-known for her inventive remixes and distinct flair. DJ Paper Queen began as a bedroom DJ, experimenting with various sounds and techniques. She immediately built a fan base on Soundcloud, where she shared her remixes and original music. Her music has been played at major clubs and festivals all around the world, and she has been featured on various dance music podcasts.

Dj Paper Queen is a music artist that is building a name for herself in the business. She has a distinct tone that distinguishes her from other performers. DJ Paper Queen songs are soulful and passionate, telling stories about her life and the people she’s encountered along the way. She’s swiftly acquiring a social media following, and her songs are catching the attention of major music labels. She is destined to be a celebrity, and her music will touch the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

She learned the Old Skool style of becoming a DJ from her instructor and has a flair for playing the appropriate music for the right crowd. Paper Queen DJ has chosen the ideal music for the cooler side of EDM, with a unique combination of Hip Hop Influenced Trap, Future Bass, and Hard-Style. She is eager to leave her imprint on the globe with her own musical style.

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