Nina & Mallika- India’s dynamic DJ Duo

Nina & Mallika

Nina and Mallika are known to be one of the best dynamic Indian female DJ duos in the industry of Dance and Music. Since 2009 these prominent figures are doing shows in different prestigious festivals.

Early achievements

Be it the launch of the H&M store in Delhi, an annual celebration of Jack Daniel’s, or extraordinary college festivals, this DJ duo can add spark to any festival. they have even performed in fronts of star audiences like Deepika Padukone or Rafael Nadal. Vogue India, Rolling Stones India, L’Oréal’s, and many luxury brands are there which these female DJs in India have endorsed commercially with a perfect package of music and sensational looks. Earlier they used to be known as Elektrovertz, together, but now they go by Nina and Mallika.

Early Life of Malika and Nina

Malika Haydon, one of the gorgeous talents of this DJ duo was born on October 19, 1988. She was born to an Australian mother and Indian father in Telangana, Hyderabad. She grew up in Mumbai and where she completed her studies.

Later on, to pursue higher studies she went to Sydney, Australia, during working in an accounting firm in Australia, she discovered her enthusiasm to face the camera and became a model. After appearing in Bollywood several times, she started the Elektrovertz with Nina Shah, Together, they are widely known as Nina and Mallika.

On the other hand, Nina Shan, another talent of Nina & Mallika, was born to a British mother & Indian father who is only 21-year-old, and realized her immense interest in electronic dance music (EDM) or DJing at a very early age. She has the idea of cool track demands and the talent for catchy guitar riffs.

Their Future Plans for Career

These two music partners are also best friends in real life. Recently they have performed at the playground of Capital, JW Marriot, and plan to keep performing in other places as well. Their journey in this music world started with little inspiration from learning music.

In an interview Nina and Malika said that at first, they started to learn DJing for fun, in the beginning, it was not serious but then it started to seem like an exciting dream to them, their love for music drags them into this career.

Other than electronic Dance Music, Nina & Mallika also like other genres of music, like hip-hop, old-school rock and roll music, and progressive trance too. After meeting the famous DJ Tiesto, Malika was inspired by the idea of performing as a team, and till now this idea has been proven to be the best one for their career.

Some More Facts about them

It can be said that nowadays Nina and Mallika are the toppings the chart of DJs in India. The latest track of DJ Sahil Sharma, who is also known as Zaeden “Never Let You Go” which was released in the collaboration with this female DJ duo has made records in spinning this is the debut of Malika and Nina which has already taken the top place in the chart. With more than 4 million views it has occupied the place of constant looper in people’s playlists. The final hit was when they opened for the first concert of COLDPLAY in India at the festival of Global Citizen in the year 2016. The collaboration of these three has become so popular that it has made Nina and Mallika the leading female DJ Duo.

After the successful launch of their debut, they are looking forward to releasing new music. As they have gained a huge international fanbase, therefore, keeping the quality of music at an international level is also another concern for them. Also, they might try releasing different kinds of music, other than techno. They might also follow the footprints of their favourite music artists Elvis Presley to give other genres of music a try.

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