Who are the famous Nervo Twins from Australia?

Olivia Nervo and Miriam Nervo

Nervo DJs are the famous twin sisters from Melbourne, Australia, who started their musical career as DJs at 18. They have created many masterpiece songs, such as Revolution, Like Home, You are going to love again, etc. Also, there are a lot of famous albums that DJ Nervo created. Collateral, Existence, Another World, Hurt, and Revolution are some of their best works in music albums. Below will go through the achievement stories of this DJ duo, which we believe will win your heart.

Who is Nervo DJ?

To answer the question, who are these twin sisters Nervo DJ? You must know that their original name is Olivia Nervo and Miriam Nervo. They were born in 1982. They started their musical career with Sony/ ATV music publishing when they were only 18. After that, there is no looking back. This DJ duo Nervo has worked with many famous music companies one by one.

Also, they are among the best female DJs ever as they have been continuously maintaining their place in the top 100 music DJ list since 2012. They have won many awards, including the most prestigious Grammy Award for ‘When Love Takes Over.’ The duo had also delivered many famous singles, which went viral when they were released. Additionally, these songs hold the #1 position in some popular music charts worldwide. “You’re Gonna Love Again,” “Hold On,” and “Not Taking This No More” are some of their trendsetter singles. They have really nailed their popularity, and this sister duo is exceptionally talented.

What is DJ Mag and how Nervo is related to it?

The name of the Nervo DJ duo is found in DJ Mag too. DJ Mag is a magazine that was first introduced in the year 1991 as a weekly Disc Jockey magazine. At that time, the magazine started featuring articles on the then famous DJ such as Ragga Twins, Frankie Knuckles, and some other famous DJs. Later in the year 1992, they began publishing their magazines bi-weekly. Also, in the initial phase, DJ Mag created a poll for the top DJ of the year. But, during the 100th edition of this magazine, they expanded this poll to feature the top 100 DJs of the world.

Over the last 10 years, the constant appearance of Nervo in DJ Mag has created a history. Currently, they are in the top 20 places at DJ Mag. Though this magazine has faced lots of criticism, it still gave us a fair picture of some of the promising DJs.

Becoming the top female DJs has not been an easy journey for the Nervo twins. The Australian duo has faced a lot of criticism from the public and media. But they have successfully suppressed every rumor about them and created a huge fan base with their work.

So, you must know now that the Nervo sisters have achieved quite a lot in their careers. If you are also among the fans of this duo, you can follow them via social media platforms. Nervo sisters have their fan base across the globe so it is pretty evident that they have grand events and tours to attend throughout the year. Nervo DJ sisters constantly travel to different places around the world for their live shows and events.

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