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Dj Kary Arora

DJing is a profession that we have only heard about men. But thiings have changed and women are rapidly showing their success in every profession. Everyone likes to dance and enjoy to the tunes of DJ mixes, but only a few DJs are able to win hearts. One such Indian female DJ is Kary Arora and here is everything you should know about her.

Who is Dj Kary Arora?

Born on 7 January 1977 in Chandigarh, Kary Arora is the first and top female DJ in India who started DJing in 1997. Besides spinning music, she is also a music composer, rapper, grunge singer and lyricist. In 2005, she gained an Audio Engineering Diploma from SAE- Chennai and trained in the Jaipur Gharana style of Hindustani Classical Music.

DJ Kary Arora’s early life

Kary Arora’s childhood was regular. But her interest in sketching, poetry, music and storytelling was great. Her dedication made her win a poetry contest at the age of 4. While she loved sketching cartoons copying from newspapers, she hated math badly. She was trained under Guru Ravi Prakash for music and keyboards where she gained a great understanding of music
Even though there were no profound DJing schools back then, she joined Adarsh’s sound and light company as sound labour in Delhi just to gain knowledge about Digital connections of consoles. While shifting jobs in Delhi, she didn’t give up and continued DJing once a year. Kary Arora began as a freelancer and has been still freelancing across the globe.

Dj Kary Arora’s career

Started her career as a freelance DJing in 1997, Kary Arora’s first resident DJing was in club temptation in Delhi from the year 1999-to 2000. Then from 2001- to 2004, she joined Buzz-Delhi and in the year 2005, she became a part of Flames in Le Meridian in Chennai. Later from 2006 to 2008, she joined Buzz-Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR.

In the year 2013, Spectral Records (Brazil) released her 3 singles- De De Deedaar De, Sanware Ki Dhun and Tinko Ke Sahare. In the same year, this Indian female DJ made her debut in Bollywood with her song ‘Satya is Back Again’ in the movie Satya 2. She also introduced a new genre style- dialogue track in Indian cinema which was loved, appreciated and acclaimed by people willing to change the Indian cinematic music.

From corporate shows, college GIGs in India and abroad as well as live music concerts, she has done many big shows. Be it Indian music genres, Punjabi, English or Bollywood EDM, she knows how to play well and win hearts. Be it a singer, composer, Audio Engineer or Music Director, Kary Arora has successfully juggled between roles.

DJ Kary Arora Achievement

Kary Arora was featured in a documentary named 360 Degree DJ’s based on pioneer DJ’s shows on BBC and at the British council festival in the year 2003. Later in 2007, in her residency, club Buzz was awarded the best bar with dancing, followed by Best bar of the town by Times Nightlife of India in 2008.
In the year 2013, Kary Arora won the Best new talent from HR music award for the official remix- Ishq Mein Ruswa. Also, she was featured in the top 5 Dj’s by Hindustan Times- HT City Delhi. Besides, she has also ranked 5 in the top 10 DJs of India by Food and Nightlife magazine.

In the year 2014, she received a national record for being India’s first female DJ in India in Limca Book of Records. No doubt, DJ Kary Arora has made her mark in all parts of the Indian music industry.
She made the world of music a better place!
Undoubtedly, she is one of those types who walk a mile to record the best-suited tunes to meet the demands of the script and to win hearts.

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