Journey of DJ Gouri from Cabin Crew to DJ

DJ Gouri Sharma
Full Name: Gouri Sharma
Age: 37 years
Date of Birth: 10th March 1986
Sun Sign: Aries
Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million
Email: [email protected]

Who is DJ Gouri?

DJ Gouri Sharma is a self-taught Disc Jockey, Cabin Crew Professional, Aviation & Grooming Instructor and an Influencer. She is classy, cool and contemporary. Her main genres are Trap, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic, Commercial House, and Electro. Through her experience and skills, she has explored a wide range of musical styles, bringing spontaneity, style, and class to the shows she DJs for any audience. DJ Gouri Sharma’s age is 37 years and she manages to juggle between her two fields of work quite well. She is one of the most prominent female DJs in India, sizzling up dance floors around the country and abroad with her shows.

Journey to Cabin Crew

Gouri Sharma was born on 10th March 1986 and is from the city of Pathankot in Punjab. She is the 4th of 5 siblings. When she completed her schooling from DAV College at the age of 16, Gouri decided to move out of the house. She had no specific plan about what career she wanted to pursue, but was interested in living in Delhi. So, after completing her 12th grade exams, she went to Delhi for three-four days. Her parents wanted her to come back, but her sheer sense of will to stay in Delhi and become successful prompted her to take up certain jobs. These included working at a McDonalds, at a call centre for two-three months, at The Taj Hotel as a Guest Relation Executive for six to seven months before joining a Cabin Crew Academy. Gouri didn’t want to become an Air Hostess but due to her strong inclination toward living in Delhi, she joined the academy. She got a job at Sahara as a Cabin Crew member and worked there for four years. Alongside, she studied for a degree and got her Masters in Business Administration from Symbiosis International University as well.

Career in Music

While working at Sahara, DJ Gouri met some drummers and other musicians who were quite encouraging. She had some friends who were DJs and because of them, she started reading up about this profession. A lot of people told her that becoming a DJ was hard, especially for a female, which only motivated her more to get started on this path. During the day, when she would get time off from her Cabin Crew responsibilities, she would read and learn about Disk Jockeying. At night, she would go to bars and clubs to observe other DJs. Standing beside them in front of the console, she would observe which buttons were being pushed and learn the art of making people groove. Soon, she got her first show in 2014 and that led to twenty more bookings. She played more and more of these shows along with her job and learned as she went.

Now, DJ Gouri is one of the most popular DJs in India playing at a variety of high-profile nightclubs, sporting events and more. She’s gotten many awards for her work including ‘Best Female DJ’ four times in a row and other awards from outlets like India Today and the Hindustan Times. At the same time, she continues to work as a Cabin Crew in Charters. She held a Cabin Supervisor position at Air India for many years too.

According to DJ Gouri, seeing people vibe out and dance to her beats is what keeps her going. When she is not flying or DJing, she enjoys cooking, dancing, spending time with her dog, and watching shows and films. Gouri Sharma is also an influencer with 80,000 followers on Instagram.

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