YouNotUs: Meet the German DJ Duo With Art First Approach

Tobias Bogdon and Gregor Sahm

YouNotUs – the Berlin duo stood out with its name even before they had their first hit. But that wasn’t long in coming either: just a few months after they founded their project, Tobias and Gregor achieved their first platinum success in 2015 with “Supergirl” together with Alle Farben. It was the kick-off for a remarkable career that has made YouNotUs one of the most relevant German dance acts in recent years. The two met while studying in Berlin.

The German duo has found commercial and artistic success. ”Please Tell Rosie,” “Only Thing We Know,” “Seventeen,” “Narcotic,” or “Your Favourite Song” are some of the songs that have garnered hundreds of millions of streams.

The duo has produced some of the best music, found a place in the top 3 charts, and won the gold and platinum awards. They have also accomplished the feat of clearly bearing the signature of YouNotUs – fresh, innovative productions with the depth and atmosphere of deep house, the catchiness of a pop song, and the underground appeal of a throbbing club night – and yet they never sound interchangeable.

YouNotUs tell stories – their stories. Unlike most DJs and producers, Tobias and Gregor do not “just” program a beat and then send it to a singer but are also involved in the songwriting. In intensive creative processes, they work together with their featured artists in the studio to create lyrics that often reflect experiences and observations from their own lives but are performed by a guest singer. YouNotUs love the variety of changing collaborations, as the range of their discography to date shows: James Blunt, Alle Farben, Dido, Nico Santos, Benjamin Ingrosso, Julian Perretta, Kelvin Jones, Janieck, Deepend, Moguai – the list of artists YouNotUs has worked with on songs, or official remixes is long.

Whether their collaborative partners are internationally renowned names or relatively unknown newcomers is not of primary importance. With art first and commercial success second approach, Tobias and Gregor have always believed that if they feel a song completely, it will reach people. This connection is particularly evident in the pair’s live performances. As passionate and capable musicians, they regularly reach for the instruments themselves at their high-energy shows and make their songs come alive in a way that goes far beyond a conventional DJ set. YouNotUs is an electronic band that writes and produce all their music and performs it live on stage.

Whether in a pumping club or on large festival stages: YouNotUs build a special connection with their audience, and nothing about this has changed due to their status as an international platinum act. Tobias and Gregor know without the crowd in front of the stage, the party would never get started. And without the people who listen to their songs, the music would not be successful. “It’s all about you, not us.” In short: YouNotUs. They haven’t forgotten why they gave themselves this name way back in the day.

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