DJ Priyanjana – RJ turned DJ

DJ Priyanjana

Name : Priyanjana Ghoshal
Stage Name : DJ Priyanjana
Location :  Kolkata, India
DOB : 11 January
Height : 
Occupation : DJ(Dubstep, EDM)
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DJ Priyanjana Ghoshal is one of the most talented and young Indian female DJs. She works as a disc jockey and song producer in both languages. She was born and raised in the Indian city of Kolkata. She is a Disc Jockey and a music producer.

Priyanjana Ghoshal began her career as an RJ for a local FM station, Fever 104 FM, in her birthplace of Kolkata when she was 15 years old. She learned the craft and refined her talents as a Disc Jockey there. She relocated to Mumbai after working for Fever 104 FM for two years. Priyanjana Ghoshal, who is located in Mumbai, has pushed her way up the ranks to be signed by ‘Slick!,’ one of the country’s fastest-rising EDM companies. She was a frequent face at Sunburn and had residencies at several of the country’s top clubs during the start of her career.

DJ Priyanjana Ghoshal is a young and skilled DJ from Kolkata, India. After completing her education, she received a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University in Kolkata. She then began her professional career as a DJ.

She is always studying and experimenting with music. She is enthusiastic about music mixing and enjoys working on remixes. She has been at a number of clubs and festivals in Kolkata and other parts of the nation. She appeared at almost every major festival, including Krank, Echoes of the Earth, and Supersonic. She has also performed at clubs and festivals in India, Dubai, Bangkok, and Montreal, among other places.

Priyanjana Ghosal is one of India’s most well-known and successful DJs. She has been a DJ for over a decade and has received several honors for her work. DJ Priyanjana is also a well-known music producer who has worked with some of India’s biggest performers. Her talents as a DJ and music producer have won her high recognition. She has performed at some of India’s most prominent events, and her music has been included on some of the country’s most well-known television shows. She has garnered several awards and medals for her efforts, including the prestigious Best Female DJ Award at the West Bengal State Youth Festival in 2013. She was also named as one of the top three DJs in the House category at the prestigious MyFavAwards in 2014. She also won the Scottish Arts Council’s Dewar Shield Award. She is India’s first MTV-featured female DJ. DJ Priyanjana has also taken part in the famed NH7 Weekender music event.

DJ Priyanjana Ghosal is a rising star in the industry. She is swiftly becoming one of the country’s top DJs, thanks to her contagious grin and ability to connect with the crowd. She just acquired a residency at the newly established Kitty Su, where she presents jazzy, creative, and foot-stomping concerts every weekend.

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