DJ J-Ya – DJing since she was 15 years old

Jaya Melwani

Name : Jaya Melwani
Stage Name : DJ J-Ya
Location : Kolkata, India
Occupation : DJ

DJ J-Ya has achieved success in both the local and national music scenes after moving to Atlanta, a creative yet competitive city. J-trademark Ya’s sound, which fuses genres like as hip hop, house, funk, and soul, can be heard on mixtapes and live radio shows all over the world. Jaya Melwani, as DJ J-YA, was born in Kolkata and presently resides in Mumbai. She is well-known for her intense love of music, which she has had since she was a youngster. As she grew older, she converted her love into a job and rose to become one of India’s best DJs. She’s performed at a number of well-known venues, and her beats have kept the crowd going.
What type of music does DJ J-Ya play?

DJ J-Ya is an Indian female DJ that focuses on hip-hop and R&B music. She started out her career as a DJ in her homeland of Boston, where she fast rose to prominence for her capacity to mixture numerous musical patterns. She has DJed at clubs and sports all throughout India in view that then, and has even opened for a number of song’s finest singers. J-tunes for DJ Ya’s songs can be heard all throughout India on radio stations. She additionally contributes to the distribution of mixtapes and compilations on a monthly foundation.

How did DJ J-Ya get into the music industry?

DJ J-Ya Song is a hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music DJ and producer. She’s been DJing since she was 15 years old. DJ J-Ya remixes have aired on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Shade 45, and SiriusXM. J-music Ya’s is always new and exciting, and she is always experimenting with new sounds. She has a wide song library and can cater to any event.

What has DJ J-Ya achieved in his career?

DJ J-Ya is a successful DJ who has carried out an excellent deal in her profession. She has traversed the arena and done a number of the maximum exclusive golf equipment and activities. She has also launched songs on a number of the arena’s top labels. Her fulfillment may be attributed to her tough paintings and dedication. She is usually tough herself to master new strategies and beautify her DJing. She is also a terrific communicator who’s keen to engage with her fans and followers.

What is DJ J-Ya’s vision for his career?

DJ J-Ya is a young, up-and-coming DJ who has swiftly achieved recognition in the music business. Her professional goal is to be regarded as a DJ who always puts her audience first. She wants to write music that makes them happy and that they can relate to. She also wants to be a role model for young women, demonstrating that they can do everything they set their minds to. DJ J-vision Ya’s is both ambitious and honorable. She is certainly dedicated to delivering for her admirers.

What sets DJ J-Ya apart from other DJs?

DJ J-Ya is an artist and storyteller in addition to being a DJ. She has a special talent for combining music and stories to produce an outstanding experience for his audience. She takes them on a trip that is about more than just the music, but also about the culture and the people who made it. Her love of music, along with his knowledge of history, offers her a distinct viewpoint that distinguishes her from other DJs. She is able to elicit an emotional response from her audience, who value the breadth of her knowledge and the sincerity of her performances.

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