Meet DJ Himanshu Mishra: Engineer – DJ – Entrepreneur

Himanshu Mishra

DJ Himanshu Mishra is a Delhi-based DJ and musician inclined towards music since childhood. He was introduced to many genres early in his youth, which increased his interest in music. DJing since 1999, he has performed in many colleges, clubs, and corporate parties.

An engineering graduate from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE), he has a vast experience of 17+ years of working in the IT industry. Even though he wanted to pursue music, due to the industry’s instability, his parents insisted he makes his career in engineering. Despite being a tech entrepreneur, he has never let the inner musician in him die. He is a business visionary who feels music by the beat.

DJ Himanshu Mishra is inspired by David Guetta, who rose to fame in his 40s despite being on the scene for decades. Although he joined an IT company and worked for years before establishing his startup, he never let his inner desire to be a musician die. That’s what made DJ Himanshu Mishra launch GrooveNexus Records.

GrooveNexus Records is a music label that not only focuses on releasing music, but also supports new and budding artists to kickstart their careers in the music industry. As he did not get the right opportunity at the start of his career, he made this a mission to help artists who do not have access to giant labels and networks.

DJ Himanshu Mishra 3

He has planned to release 10+ new singles of his own and 100+ new songs from the GrooveNexus label. He’s focusing on collaborations with many future artists and is determined to take GrooveNexus Records to greater heights.

Currently, as many as 15+ artists are associated with GrooveNexus, such as Swattrex, Traxeon, Mukul Kumar, Harshita Baranwal, Rohit Pandey, King AP, to name a few. The plan is to grow this list of artists many folds and help any artist eager to showcase their talent.

DJ Himanshu Mishra loves and follows Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and is passionate about the songs of the 1980s, 90s, and new Bollywood mixes. He enjoys being a DJ and plays for the crowd instead of himself. He very efficiently observes the crowd and plays the music which engages the audience the most.

He started producing EDM music in 2022 with Sykik Sensei and DJ Traxeon. DJ Himanshu’s latest single, “Light It Up,” is now streaming on the music platform Spotify.

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