Who is DJ Deadmau5?

DJ Deadmau5

Who is Deadmau5?

A Canadian electronic DJ and dance music producer, Deadmau5 has a grasp of many electronic styles and uses several types of electronic music in his works. A number of his releases include collaborations with many famous DJs and producers. He has been nominated six times for Grammy Awards and is known for his popular live performances and the trademark Deadmau5 helmet. The fans are always looking forward to his tours. His songs that are quite popular include I Remember, Raise Your Weapon and Strobe among others. He also has a website https://mau5hop.com where fans can purchase Deadmau5 merch.

Full Name: Joel Thomas Zimmerman
Height: 175 cm
Age: 42 Years
Date of Birth: 5th January 1981
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Niagara Falls, Canada
Father’s Name: Rodney Thomas Zimmerman
Mother’s Name: Nancy Zimmerman
Siblings: Chris Zimmerman, Jennifer Zimmerman
Spouse/Ex: Kat Von D
Deadmau5 Net Worth: $80 million

Early Life

Canada’s Niagara Falls is where Joel Thomas Zimmerman was born. Rodney Thomas “Rod” Zimmerman is his father and he works at General Motors’ plant in Auburn Hills, Michigan, while his mother, Nancy (née Johnson), is an artist. His younger brother is Chris, and his older sister Jennifer is Jennifer. His ancestry can be traced to Germany, Switzerland, and England. When he was a teenager, his family gave him his first keyboard. In the late 1990s, he began making music with the Impulse Tracker, which echoed the sounds of chiptunes and demoscene movements.

Zimmerman graduated from Niagara Falls Westlane Secondary School and then worked as a programmer and an online music licensing specialist. As a result of character limitations, Deadmau5 was the name he chose based on an actual dead mouse in his computer.

Music Career

In 2008, his track “Faxing Berlin” was played on Pete Tong’s radio show, which brought Deadmau5 to national attention. In the world of EDM, he quickly emerged as a major figure and songs by him were doing quite well in terms of sales. Mau5trap Recordings was his label, and he won a Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year for his work in 2008. This was also the year he released the first volume of his remix-collecting series At Play.

Several singles collections were released in 2009, as well as the mix album For Lack of a Better Name. His album 4 X 4 = 12 arrived in 2010. A DVD and compilation of remixes of Live @ Earls Court were released the next year. In 2012, Maths and The Veldt, with Chris James, were included on that year’s album >Album Title Goes Here<. Besides Wolfgang Gartner and singer Imogen Heap, the album also featured Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.

In June 2014, Deadmau5 released his next full-length album, While(1<2). Its name references a programming language that loops indefinitely, and it featured the singles “Avaritia” and “Seeya,” assisted by guest vocalist Colleen D’Agostino. The Mau5trap imprint celebrated its fifth anniversary with the release of 5 Years of Mau5.

Due to personal challenges, Zimmerman allowed his Deadmau5 persona to be uncertain for a brief period. But in spring 2016, he returned to music with the single “Snowcone.” The song was included on his eighth LP, W:/2016ALBUM/, that came out in December. In 2018, he released Mau5ville: Level 1, nothing, nowhere, and Mau5ville: Level 2. Several DJs including Rob Swire, Getter, and GTA contributed to the EP series Mau5ville: Level 3. Mau5ville: Level Complete presents the EP trilogy as a singular sonic journey, cutting out the remixes. This came out in 2020. This was followed by his collaboration with Canadian artist Kiesza on “Bridged by a Lightwave.”

Personal Life

Playing video games is one of his favourite ways to relax from work when he needs a break. In December 2012, Deadmau5 got engaged to Kat Von D who is a tattoo artist, but the couple ended their engagement in June 2013. The artist bought a house worth $5 million in Campbellville, Milton, Ontario, in 2014. Deadmau5 studio is also there in that house.

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