Swedish House Mafia: The Faces of Mainstream Progressive House Music

Swedish House Mafia

Early Life

In the 1990 and early 2000s, the artists of Swedish house mafia performed as solo DJs. As Angelo and Ingrosso were childhood friends, they collaborated at the initial stage of their careers. Towards the end of 2000, Axwell, Angelo, and Ingrosso started playing. People began to call them by the name Swedish house mafia. Apparently, by the end of 2008, the group officially adopted the name.
In 2007 songs that they released are ‘get dump’ and the track ‘leave the world behind’, But both were not released under the name of the Swedish house mafia.


Then in 2009 they collaborated with Laidback Luke to produce the track `leave the world behind ‘. In 2009 they signed a record contract with UMG’s Polydor records. They also released their first single, ‘One’ under their own name itself. They also released their next single, Miami to Ibiza, in 2010. They also released their first documentary, called ‘take one’.
In 2011 Swedish house mafia released a new single called ‘save the world.’ Their greatest hit, ‘Don’t You Worry child’ was released in the same year.

Between 2012 and 2013, they announced that that would be their last store together. By September 2012 Swedish house mafia announced the last store called ‘one last tour.’ In 2014, they announced that they would create a second documentary called ‘Leave the World Behind’. In 2018 Swedish house mafia confirmed that they would be playing at Ultra Miami. In 2019 approximately 120,000 people came from different places to watch them since the ultra Miami 2018. In 2020 Swedish house mafia signed Wasim ‘Sal’ Slaiby as their manager. Presently the Swedish house mafia received credit for Co-producing and Co-writing for The Weeknd’s 5th studio album.

The trio started making music in 2007, they have come a long way together since then. Swedish House Mafia has debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 by grabbing number 6 and the single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. Swedish House Mafia’s song ‘Until Now’ Smashed on hot 200 at 14. The hard work and exhaustion were reflected across the world. The trio has crossed a lot of obstacles to reach where they are now. Additionally, Steve and Seb were childhood friends, and then, later on, they stumbled upon Axwell, And then all of them started research in music. Regardless of the Swedish House Mafia’s growing and reaching places, they announced their exit in 2012 by proclaiming a farewell to Swedish Mafia’s Tour as ‘One Last Tour.’

Swedish House Mafia also added that this would be their last tour together. They also mentioned that they are thankful for every single audience that were sticking to them.

Swedish House Mafia Members

  • Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Axwell
  • Steve Angello

Swedish House Mafia Members 5 Songs

  • Moth To A Flame
  • Don’t You Worry
  • Redlight
  • Save The World
  • Greyhound
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