About Us

At least nine new songs are being composed every nanosecond. There’re at least five that get ready for release every minute. Our endeavor is to bring every melody to light, every rhythm to life. An artist and a fan complete each other. In fact, you need more of the other. Here’s a place for both.

Welcome to GrooveNexus – a new age entertainment and media place.

Where artists are spotted and spotlighted. Where fans get connected to independent musicians and bands, and their music.If you are a pro musician of any form, composer, singer, instrumentalist, arranger, DJ, band, or any other, join the Nexus. The world is your stage, let’s set that up for you. Socialize your creations. Extend your fan base. Be heard, like never before. And if you have exclusives, let’s make the most of it for you. If you are a music fan, do you need another reason to be here? There’s a lot for you, like nowhere else. A lot of exclusive content that’s carefully handpicked and curated by passionate connoisseurs of music. Songs, artists, their stories, news, reviews, events to be in, and a whole lot more! And there’re new additions especially for you, by the minute.

Artists need to be heard. Fans need to hear. GrooveNexus is the binder.


Behind the Groove

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Himanshu Mishra

Founder & CEO

“Him” in Hindi is snow, and cool he is. An entrepreneur by the nerve; feels music by the pulse. A techie by the brain, and a self-styled DJ at heart. Knows the mix, gets the groove, ahead of most others. An engineering grad from Delhi College of Engineering (now Delhi Technological University); enjoys EDM and dance mixes. Understands music, understands musicians.

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Prabhanjan Deshpande (PD)

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur, public speaker, and a passionate artist. An alumnus of IIM, Bangalore, plays the Tabla, and other percussions. Has voiced in over a thousand jingles. Sings, mimics, modulates, entertains, enjoys. Runner, Creative Writer, and relishes cooking. Likes experimenting with looks, but loves music, above everything else.

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Nishant Mishra

Founder & CEO

2x entrepreneur in digital & marketing, and a management grad from AMITY, NOIDA. Breathes music, lives by the beat. A songwriter & choreographer who strums the guitar and sings to the soul. Loves pop, rock, indie, classics. A globetrotter who understands global music and a wine connoisseur to whom music is the real high. Plugged into music mostly, but best loves it, unplugged.

Launch Of GrooveNexus

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GrooveNexus was launched as a global binder of music artists, music, and fans during one of the largest cultural festivals in northern India, Engifest 2019, the annual cultural fest of Delhi Technical University. The founder of GrooveNexus, Himanshu, happens to be an alumnus of DTU, which is why he was well aware of its deep musical connection. This media platform launched amidst a flaring and cheerful fanfare. We sponsored and hosted the Wind Point Party which saw a huge turn-out of students and DJs alike, witnessing 1,500+ registrations and about 10,000 web engagements in just three days. Team Velocita Fitness was invited to display their acrobatic skills and stunts. There was a special performance by Rydhm Dee, the online maestro of Psytrance, who mesmerized the attendees with his trippy sounds. We also powered the EDM night featuring Quintino, #25 world rank holder on DJ Mag.

GrooveNexus found a new musical nest in NOIDA, Sector-135, and shifted its abode on March 1, 2019. The office beautifully designed by the Vice President of Design Services, Jagdish, reflects the colorful and jubilant nature of GrooveNexus. The shift of address was a delightful surprise for the team who were elated seeing their brand-new workspace.